Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dream Casting The 'Once Upon A Time' Princes...

Raise your hand if your first crush was one of the Disney princes. Mine certainly was, even in cartoon form (Prince Eric, ahem, you can still feel free to call me). And now that ABC and Disney have created a live-action series that offers a unique look at some of the most beloved fairy-tale characters, we've gotten to see some of those handsome princes in the flesh. Josh Dallas more than does Prince Charming justice on Once Upon A Time, and we're about to meet Tim Phillipps as Cinderella's guy. But those are just a select couple; there is a whole world of (hottie) possibilities. Let's cast them, shall we??

Prince Eric - The dashing brunet who caught Ariel's eye and was caught by her voice. In the animated classic The Little Mermaid, he was voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes, who sadly seems out of the demo to play him in a live-action now. Both Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin name-dropped The Little Mermaid as their favorite Disney film and character they want to see pop up on Once Upon A Time soon, so I have extremely high hopes for this one. And you know wherever there's a princess, there has to be her (in this case, kept at a slight distance) prince. My vote goes for Zachary Levi for two reasons: first and foremost I just think he fits the physicality perfectly. And secondly I don't think they would ever consider adding Flynn Ryder, even if they wanted to include Rapunzel. It's just too new a tale. Levi will be available for new work soon (Chuck's fifth and final season stops airing in May but they are breaking the finale episode in the writer's room right now).

Prince Philip - Theoretically this should be the easiest Prince to cast because its artwork is so generically sketched it could be anyone from Justin Bieber to Glenn Howerton. My vote is for Damian Lewis, though I know he is kind of tied up with Homeland right now. But though that series has received a second season, who knows how long the show will be about proving or disproving he was actually turned before it moves on to another part of a supposed terrorist plan? So Lewis may be free sooner than we expected. From military medals to tights? I'll take it!

Prince Naveen - The first thing I thought when I saw Tiana's Prince from The Princess and the Frog was: Damn, he has a nice smile! And what young actor do I always consistently say that about? Gaius Charles! He also has proven he can handle dramatic storylines across periods and places and genres. Plus, he popped up on ABC's Pan Am, so presumably he has a good relationship with the network. Why not just migrate him on over to the best new program of the season, let alone that channel!?

Prince Vincent - "The Beast" from Beauty and the Beast was never your typical Disney Prince. He spent the majority in the movie in his animal form, and he was just so big and cuddly looking you couldn't help but fall in love with him. They when his curse was lifted, you saw how he could be transformed into an animal anyway. He had big nostrils like a horse, a long flowing mane of hair (again, like a horse), and oddly pink, hairless skin (like a baby pig?). But I always imagined that after years of being trapped in another body, he just needed a mini-makeover. You know, like how the woodland animals would do for princesses of years past. A little haircut, a tan, some newer clothes, and he'd be downright classically attractive, let alone presentable! And who could make that all super hot and still have the dramatic chops to believe the angst behind the man? Step right up, Taylor Kitsch! You need to come back into my living room ev-ver-y week!

Aladdin - This one had the street smarts that made him older, wiser, and yes, a little bit hardened, beyond his years. That's why I think ABC and Disney need to think outside of the box and not cast a kid here. I want to see the story post-where the original animated film left off, and thus, the characters will be more mature. Aladdin needs to be a man, not just some street kid. Enter Misha Collins who is just as wise-cracking and clever as the character-- and who knows how to tie all the trouble-making up with a smile and a bow to make you forgive and fall in love.

And I'm not quite sure where yet, but there has to be a way to fit Patrick Fabian in, too! I know he could unironically rock the royal wear!

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