Friday, November 4, 2011

From LA Examiner: ABC Orders More Full Seasons; Seth Gabel Talks 'Fringe'; Megan Mullally Joins 'Breaking In'; Nick Kroll Coming to 'Community'...

"ABC orders full seasons of Once Upon A Time, Happy Endings, Tim Allen"

It's official: the alphabet network announced today that they have granted the back nine orders for two of their brand new fall series, fairy-tale drama Once Upon A Time, as well as Tim Allen vehicle comedy, Last Man Standing... [MORE]

"Seth Gabel previews "Novation" and the return of Fringe's...shape-shifters"

They're ba-ack! Now that Peter (Joshua Jackson) has returned to Fringe, even if not to his rightful place as son of Walter (John Noble) and boyfriend to Olivia (Anna Torv), the focus is shifting for this "new" universe's Fringe Division. With the mysterious man claiming to know all of them-- and very clearly knowing a lot about what they do-- being held for observation, attention might be divided at the worst possible time. Because while Fringe fans were on the edge of their seats awaiting Peter's return, something else was slipping under the radar. And now they are wreaking their own havoc once again, but this is only the beginning... [MORE]

"Breaking News: Megan Mullally joins the cast of Breaking In"

Hot off her appearance on ABC's Happy Endings as Dana Hartz, Penny (Casey Wilson)'s overly optimistic mother, Megan Mullally has joined the cast of another quirky comedy, Breaking In, which will return to FOX in early 2012... [MORE]

"Joel McHale reveals Nick Kroll's Community guest spot"

The most recent episode of Community, "Advanced Gay," saw Jeff (Joel McHale) sticking up to a bully once again. This time it was Pierce's homophobic (and quite racist) father, not a fellow Greendale student with an aversion to sleeves. But it reminded us of some of the best times within the series so far: when Jeff gives into his own (albeit mostly misguided) paternal role and stands up for himself and his friends. And as we learned when we caught up with McHale on the Los Angeles set of Community just last week, things in that department are only getting started... [MORE]

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