Wednesday, November 2, 2011

From LA Examiner: Carrie-Anne Moss Comes To 'Chuck' +Scoop From Chris Fedak; Josh Dallas Is A Modern Day Prince Charming; FOX Renews 'The X Factor'...

Prepare to meet Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) and his new venture, Carmichael Industries’ biggest threat. No, not a Russian spy or rogue CIA operative, but simply another freelance agency headed up by an agent who knows how to make an entrance: Gertrude Verbanski (special guest star Carrie-Anne Moss)... [MORE]

"Josh Dallas “charms” in Once Upon A Time but may not be as cookie-cutter as he seems"

It has to be a tall order for any actor when they see the words “Prince Charming” on a character breakdown. And not simply a “Prince Charming” type, but an actual live action representation of a fairy-tale character. He must be handsome; he must be kind; he must be able to make young girls and young women swoon every time he comes on screen. But for Once Upon A Time’s Prince Charming, Josh Dallas, it gets a little more complicated than that. It appears Prince Charming may be in the eye of the beholder because for Dallas, the guy he’s playing is just an “every man.”... [MORE]

"FOX renews The X Factor for a second season"

FOX has announced today that they are renewing Simon Cowell's The X Factor for a second season. This doesn't come as a surprise to many, though admittedly we have to wonder if the entire team will be back for round two. Hey, as long as Cowell comes back with hottie host Steve Jones, we'll be happy! ... [MORE]

"Chuck's Chris Fedak previews "one of the nerdiest episodes ever"

“When we built the season finale last year we really wanted to go out with a bang and in doing that-- in taking down Volkhoff Industries and all that-- we thought it would be cool to take in more of an A-Team direction with our crew,” Chuck co-creator and current showrunner Chris Fedak said on a conference call earlier today to promote the fifth and final season of NBC's spy dramedy series... [MORE]

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