Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From LA Examiner: NBC Stars Want YOU To Go Green; 'American Horror Story' Answers & More Mysteries; First Look At 'Good Luck Charlie's Christmas Movie

"NBC-Universal's "Green is Universal" distributes free coffee in Los Angeles"

For the fifth year in a row, NBC-Universal and their variety of stars (including some of your favorites from Chuck, Community, Parks and Recreation, The Voice, Parenthood, The Glee Project, and The Biggest Loser) are getting involved in "Green is Universal," an eco-initiative campaign that serves up easy ways to make a difference on our environment. And this year what they are encouraging is simple: using resuable mugs instead of disposable cups! ... [MORE]

American Horror Story has been one twisted, trippy ride so far, are we right? Mid-way through the first season run, the FX supernatural series is polarizing viewers and critics with its complicated characters and shock value reality. What seemed to be the tale of a house that turned its inhabitants mad is much more about the lost souls that wander the house’s halls and have to watch the new owners traipse through and make changes to their beloved home. And though the series started out being extremely focused trying to confuse its audience with the “what is real” and “who is really dead” reveals, it has been doling out answers a little bit at a time, too. After the two-part Halloween special, we thought we had gotten all the insight we would be getting for awhile, but the show has only picked up its momentum, and now with “Open House,” it is delivering anew... [MORE]

"First Look VIDEO: Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!"

The holiday season is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate winter fun and family than with the Disney Channel's resident fun family, the Duncans, from Good Luck Charlie? ... [MORE]

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