Friday, November 18, 2011

From LA Examiner: Partial PaleyFest Line-Up Announced; 'Dexter' Renewed; Vik Sahay Talks All Things 'Chuck'; ABC's Mid-Season Schedule Announced...

"PaleyFest 2012 to include American Horror Story, Modern Family, Mad Men"

Can you believe PaleyFest 2012 is right around the corner? Well, we here at LA TV Insider Examiner certainly can! Next to Christmas and the TCAs, it's our favorite time of year! And today The Paley Center for Media has announced their partial Los Angeles line-up. Panels for the always-sold-out week of television events are set to include American Horror Story, Mad Men, and the returning Modern Family! ... [MORE]

"Showtime & Michael C. Hall reach agreement; Dexter renewed for two"

It appears those pesky actor contract negotiations have come to an end. Showtime announced today that Dexter will be going forward with an additional two more seasons, bringing its tally up to eight (at least). Michael C. Hall has closed a new deal for him to return as the titular serial killer for twenty-four new episodes... [MORE]

"Q&A: Vik Sahay on Jeffster tension, on-screen romance, and post-Chuck plans"

Vik Sahay has spent the last five years as a Buy More drone by day and wannabe rockstar by night. He has brought Chuck's Lester to life with such passion and power that he has easily become one of the most memorable, and beloved, members of the team behind the team. Still, as Chuck winds down, we can't help but wonder if there is more to Lester than meets the eye-- than he has been able to share with us in his limited time not spent goofing off with Jeff or trying to pick up women. We caught up with Sahay, who was on a rare hiatus from the show, to find out what secrets Lester may have up his sleeve, what Sahay's perfect happy ending for Lester would be, and what his plans are post-Chuck... [MORE]

"ABC announces mid-season 2012 schedule"

In an interesting twist, this afternoon the alphabet network released their mid-season 2012 schedule...via Twitter. That's right, folks, since it's easier to list show names and dates in short intervals, ensuring that both critics and fans alike get to see the news at the same time, straight from the real source, ABC Publicity Tweeted information on their new and returning show premiere dates. We have to admit, it makes it a lot easier to just cut and paste a few Tweets than a whole press release, so this is a trend we could get behind! Are you listening, FOX?? ... [MORE]

"PTSD is the real villain in Castle’s “Kill Shot”

It looks like it’s time for a very special episode of Castle-- an expose into post-traumatic stress disorder, sure, that’s one thing, but also Stana Katic’s “I Want An Emmy” episode... [MORE]

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