Friday, November 11, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'The Secret Circle's' Second Dark Magic Witch; 'Fringe's' Great Guest Star Sacrifice; Josh Gomez, Back To Normal On 'Chuck'?...

"So who’s The Secret Circle’s second dark magic witch?"

If you haven’t seen the fall finale of The Secret Circle, “Balcoin,” yet, you should probably stop reading and run to your DVR. The show revealed a secret in its final moments of the episode that may make you, let alone the circle itself, reconsider the truths of their magic thus far... [MORE]

"Yet another sacrifice on Fringe, this one from Stephen Root and Romy Rosemont"

Fringe’s complex science and alternate universe mystery elements have always been central to the show’s success and intrigue among fans and critics alike. But the idea of family-- whether it’s bound by bloodlines or what is created by this quirky little team-- is arguably even more integral to those making a connection with the show. Thus far in season four, a great theme for Fringe has been to show how the dynamic shifts after a great sacrifice from one family member has been made. When Peter (Joshua Jackson) went into the machine and ripped a hole in the fabric of the universes at the end of last year, he ultimately reset everything, including, unintentionally, how everyone else relates to each other. They are different people; they have had new and unique experiences to their previous universes’ counterparts. It may hurt Peter to remember what the old connections once were, but it was (presumably) for the better of everyone else that he did what he did, and they are protected in their innocence. And now, in “And Those We Left Behind,” we will be introduced to a stand-alone case with deep parallels to that overall theme... [MORE]

"Is the real Morgan really back on Chuck? Joshua Gomez responds"

Things are so rarely what they seem when high stakes spies are on the case! So just because new Intersect Morgan (Joshua Gomez) on Chuck appears to be back to his old, goofball self now, doesn’t mean he necessarily is. After all, the tampered-with Intersect is still in his head and has the potential to take over at any time…right? ... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, the perfect gift in 12 Dates of Christmas"

It seems Santa Claus finally received our letter, even if he's delivering the good a few years after the fact. It doesn't really matter when we get the gift of Mark-Paul Gosselaar for Christmas, though; we're just glad it's coming our way at all! The Franklin and Bash star took some time to strip out of his three-piece suits and slip on some cozy sweaters (and yes, a pair of ice skates) to star in ABC Family's newest original holiday movie, 12 Dates of Christmas... [MORE]

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