Monday, November 7, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Supernatural' Heads to NJ; Claudia Lee Stirs Up Trouble on 'Hart of Dixie'; Andrew Miller Unravels More 'Secret Circle' Secrets...

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Supernatural S7, Ep 9 "How To Win Friends & Influence Monsters"

Supernatural is heading into the woods. Yes, the actual woods. So the demon-hunters are about to become "actual" hunters. Nothing hotter than some guys with guns, right? ... [MORE]

"Claudia Lee stirs up trouble on Hart of Dixie"

If you thought Hart of Dixie's Lemon Breeland (Jaime King) was high strung and manipulative in her own way, you may want to look out because the next in her generation may be able to give even her big sister a run for her money in the troublemaker department. Thus far everything Lemon has done has been somewhat sly; she wants to get what she wants, but she wants to do it in a way that holds up her image as proper southern belle. Her little sister Magnolia? Well, she doesn’t necessarily have that problem. Up-and-coming actress and singer Claudia Lee blows into the Breeland family—and Bluebell in general-- with a mindset that looks extremely familiar but ways all her own... [MORE]

"Andrew Miller unravels secrets about Cassie’s father (The Secret Circle)"

It’s been a little while since The Secret Circle tapped into the supernatural beyond witchery, and we’re getting concerned. After seeing the demons they created for “Heather”-- and then “Slither”-- we know what they’re capable of. And though the tide has turned momentarily, and we are focusing more and more on the interpersonal relationships between characters—families, friends, and love interests-- we know something big has to be about to happen any episode now... [MORE]

"Showtime offers Los Angeles Homeland fans the chance to beat a polygraph, too"

After watching Sergeant Brody (Damian Lewis) beat the lie detector on Homeland, admit it: you now think he's totally guilty of being a terrorist, right? Who else but a sociopath could stay so calm when under such pressure, right? If he doesn't think he's doing anything wrong, his heartrate will stay down, and he can lie through smiling teeth, no problem. But now Showtime wants to see if fans can pass just as easily... [MORE]

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