Thursday, December 1, 2011

From LA Examiner: Will You CWingo?; FOX' Mid-Season Schedule; Maggie Q Previews Owen's 'Nikita' Return...

"CWingo launches with a rebroadcast of The Vampire Diaries"

Chances are if you're a consumer of television these days, you do so while multi-tasking. Surfing the web, updating your Facebook page, Tweeting, checking into GetGlue, and messing around with photos are all common seeming distractions that may partake in while tuning into even their favorite shows. Networks like The CW have encouraged the interaction on social media sites for their original programming, offering incentives such as live-Twitter chats with their stars during select airings, as well as exclusive stickers or badges for "check ins." But now the CW is going one step farther with their new online game, CWingo... [MORE]

"FOX unveils their mid-season 2012 schedule"

Okay, things are about to get a little confusing, so please bear with us. This afternoon FOX unveiled their mid-season 2012 schedule, and not only are they shuffling around some series, but they are also playing with temporary hiatuses in order to give new shows a shot. So it's not a matter of listing the days of the week, with the shows and time slots to follow. In any given month, the shows that air will change. Take a look at the schedule below, coming straight from FOX, and weigh in in the comments with what you're excited to watch... [MORE]

"Maggie Q says Owen "does things Michael never does" for Nikita in Guardians"

"Nikita and Michael have this very adult problem that I told you guys was coming, and I like the problem! Kudos to Craig and the writers for creating something that wasn't cheesy. It wasn't 'Oh he looked at another woman' or 'Whoops, she slept with someone else,' you know what I mean? Which happens on soaps and on shows like, I don't know Gossip Girl or whatever. It can't happen on our show because the integrity would be lost, so it would have to be something that he couldn't control, that he didn't ask for, that she can't fix, which is maddening for someone who's in control normally. And the adult thing for Nikita is to not deny him," Nikita series star Maggie Q was animated when she spoke of the recent complications for her on-screen romance over lunch in Los Angeles... [MORE]

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