Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hottie Awards: 2011 Hotties...

What better way to warm up these increasingly cold days than with a stroll down memory lane of the Top Ten Hotties of 2011??

10. Something about Stefan Salvatore finally giving into his dark desires and becoming the Ripper he was always meant to be just made him that much more attractive on The Vampire Diaries. Maybe it's all the blood, but Paul Wesley looks healthier than he has in a long time, and he seems to be more having fun than ever before, too. He still reminds me a little bit of Justin Bieber, but at least he resembles a much more mature Justin Bieber these days!

9. Leila Gerstein knows how to give The CW audience what they want, and what they want is more Wilson Bethel! Southern gentlemen are where it's at this year! That is all...

8. Hands down, the hottest photo in People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue was the Smart Water ad featuring Idris Elba. So at least they got one thing right?

7. Ryan Reynolds gave us the gift of his self-effacing sense of humor by guest-penning an interview with himself inside the pages of Entertainment Weekly this year and then more permanently and long-term by joining Twitter. But the best part about that is his profile icon-- as small as it may be-- gets to pop up in our stream at least once a day, allowing his pretty picture to brighten up our day every time. Icon indeed!

6. I always thought Ryan Gosling was stoner/hipster cute (like a younger, blonder David Arquette), but that's not really my "type." Then I saw Crazy Stupid Love, and well, the Dirty Dancing move worked on me, too. I make no apologies. The Clooney suits didn't hurt. He's grown up nicely! People Magazine made a huuuge mistake this year.

5. He's one of the nicest guys in show business, and he's also one of the funniest and one of the smartest. But lately it seems like Joel McHale may be one of the fittest, too, and he is not above showing all of his assets on Community-- or in promotional materials for Community. Whatever gets the ratings up, right? Sometimes he may have to strip down as part of a joke, but those are the jokes we most look forward to!

4. One great football series (Friday Night Lights) may have come to an end, but its star Tim Riggins didn't fade into obscurity in the real world the way he tried so hard to do in Dillon. Taylor Kitsch booked a big-screen 3D epic, stripped down, beefed up, and later shaved off all of his luxurious locks. From football hero to action hero, he'll always be my fake, pop culture boyfriend.

3. I was skeptical about the new season of The Biggest Loser without Jillian Michael as trainer. I'll admit it; I watch that show just to see what kinds of new ways she can yell the same old things. But then I saw the new trainer, Dolvett Quince, and I couldn't look away. He makes me want to exercise just so I please him with my fit-ness. That's the point of this show, right? Plus, he has THE BEST smile. And you know, "Hard work. Dedication." is the new "Clear eyes, full hearts..."

2. Hawaii Five-0 didn't necessarily get more interesting in the plot developments of the second season, but Alex O'Loughlin's increasing muscle mass certainly kept us tuned into CBS longer than we expected to. Whether he was in civvies (like tight tee-shirts) or completely shirtless in a random and pretty unnecessary but somehow still fun MMA match, O'Loughlin managed to keep it classy-- and never cheesy.

1. It's my own personal bias, but there will never be anything hotter than Jensen Ackles. Even when Dean was killing semi-likeable supernatural beings or lip-syncing to Air Supply, he made it more than work; he made us want to do it, too!

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