Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Once Was "Missing," But Now I've Found 'Parenthood'...

I love the Bravermans so much. I'm sure that was already clear. What was probably less so is that one of the things I love most is how there are just so many of them, and they're always willing to do whatever they have to for each other. That's not something I experienced in my own family, and I guess it's something I grew up believing you only saw on TV. Even though television is where the Bravermans exist, it still warms my heart that they do. One second into the scene in "Missing" where Amber (Mae Whitman) needed a new job and went to her family, however uncomfortably, to see about getting one, and it just hit me. That's exactly what I needed-- what I still may need. I probably would have fought it, had it been in front of me, stubbornly, proudly wanting to do everything and get everything on my own, but it would have saved me nonetheless. Parenthood saves me nonetheless.

I bullet-pointed my thoughts about "Missing" this week for a variety of reasons, but I stand by them, no matter what form they come in:

  • D.B. Woodside's characters' taste in women seems to be getting progressively worse. First Faith from Buffy, now Jasmine... #hottiecandobetter
  • Am I the only one who seriously wants to know why Julia (Erika Christensen) 1) had no contract with Zoe (Rosa Salazar) that she could now pull out to sue for the medical expenses she paid and 2) isn't now going to report Zoe for attempting to sell her unborn child!? It may have a hint of spitefulness attached, but it's valid. As a lawyer, it's her job to make sure the laws are being upheld, isn't that what Joel (Sam Jaeger) so pointedly pointed out just last episode?
  • The look of pure joy on Jabbar (Tyree Brown)'s face during his grandfather's commercial was just absolutely priceless. He's quickly becoming one of my favorites. Not just on this show.
  • Crosby (Dax Shepard) is the king of non-sequiturs, but I love how he kind of sheepishly said to Sarah (Lauren Graham) that he was going to her for advice on sleeping with his baby mama because he "assumed" she had been in the same boat-- err, bed-- with Seth (John Corbett). True, and thankfully not recently, but still, on many other shows those words would have been heated, causing over-the-top dramatics to erupt. Here, as in any real family, they just proved to be the perfect example of how well they know and relate to each other.
  • I would be a little offended if someone said they "immediately thought of [me]" when they heard the job "assistant." But I'm glad Kristina (Monica Potter) is giving Amber a chance as her assistant on the new campaign, even if it's not for the best reasons. And even more, I'm glad Amber was able to open up right away and admit she was scared of repeating her past mistakes. Acknowledging such shortcomings is the first step in the road to success. I probably read that somewhere, but I'm taking credit for it here and now.
  • Adam (Peter Krause) is continuing to disappoint me. He is turning away instead of tuning in and realizing what is really going on with his wife, and that's detrimental in so many ways. If this was just about a kiss-- one that he pulled away from-- I would say Kristina was overreacting, postpartum or not. But it's about everything that has been piling over and under that kiss-- from the drinking with his brother when he should be home with his family to lying about the aftermath with the assistant. I feel like he's turning into one of those "I have a cool job and now I'm a douchebag" guys. We saw it happen with Doug Savant's Tom Scavo on Desperate Housewives, too-- just another guy I never thought would fall victim to such a thing. It's sad, really, but even when he was panicking about his son being missing, it seemed to be more about him than his kid who was now alone in the world. He knows where Max (Max Burkholder) wanted to go, so though he may not know the route he took or how he may have gotten lost along the way, so his reaction just felt...off. Even how angry he was getting at his wife for not answering her cell phone while she was AT WORK. You know, people with real jobs, especially on their first damn day, can't just take personal calls. Regardless of their "special" family situations. I don't know how to explain that, and I don't think it was intended to come off that way, but that's the impression I got. Something in me shifted about the way I feel about Adam. Something in Adam shifted. Now we're as out of sync as he and Kristina are.
  • I love Jonathan Tucker, but everything I've loved him in has had him playing kind of shifty characters, so it should be no surprise that I already don't trust his new politician character. As I shouldn't, since, you know, he's a politician.
  • Lauren Graham and Jason Ritter and a baby. I don't know her situation "down there" or if she can have more kids or if she wants to with teenagers still under her wing, if not her roof. So can they just adopt ME!?
  • I'm so glad Hattie (Sarah Ramos) has come around from awful. She was a character I admired at first, and then she turned into something of a brat, but tonight she was back to being the adult in the situation. Sure, she took the child's approach by yelling at her brother, but she was right at first that the "situation" with Max had to be dealt with. It isn't okay for Adam and Kristina to just let him go about his routine as if going out on his own and having to be brought home in a cop car was acceptable behavior. He may have some special needs, but he can't receive completely special treatment. He has to learn what he did can never happen again, even if he doesn't fully understand why, and a family field trip to the place he wanted to see in the first time is not the way to do that. They could really stand to hire Amber as an aide for Max, not a political paper-pusher!
  • Does anyone else think Zoe, not just her boyfriend, might be bad news? I know she's not, like, faking the pregnancy to get a payday or anything, but I feel like she's starting to use Julia. But as aforementioned, I didn't grow up with the "big family helps each other" mentality, so maybe I'm just cynical and a little bit paranoid.

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