Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Watched 'Glee' But I Didn't Like It...

After three days of marathoning Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I decided I was a little Sarah Michelle Gellar-ed out. So before I flipped on Ringer, I need some kind of buffer. I opted for the latest episode of glee, which came more as a surprise to me than it probably should to you. Admittedly, I missed the opening number, which I heard was pretty craptastic, but I had some thoughts about the rest of the episode that I felt the need to share with you. In part I want to see if anyone returns the sentiment, but mostly I just needed an outlet for my rage.

- I know every school has teachers that will sign their names to recommendations they didn't actually write (at least one of mine told me to write the rec myself, and she'd sign it), but treating it so flippantly makes Shelby look bad.

- Poor Damian McGinty. He thought he hit pay dirt by "winning" The Glee Project. Yet he probably never realized that his six episode commitment meant he could end up spending the majority of them just standing around, getting cut to for reaction shots from time to time, basically being an under five.

- Santana has a way with words. Finn does not. And no matter how biting she (or anyone may be), it is never okay to out someone before they are ready.

- Kurt showed some mighty restraint adding the "borderline" in there when he called Rachel a sociopath.

- We knew Puck had a thing for MILFs, but really, Shelby is just looking more and more unfit every day. Flirting with him on school grounds? Dumb. Raising her hand when Mercedes wanted to elect herself "President" of the group? Immature. She makes bad decisions and hasn't yet put together a crib for her daughter?

- Just shut up and throw the damn ball! (This was my response to them standing around in huddles, tapping their feet, and beginning to sing instead of playing the game they were there to play. And why was Finn's face so red when he had yet to THROW THE DAMN BALLl!?)

- Why did Finn get the solo? He still sucks. And wasn't the conversation, like, twenty minutes ago that Rory would have it?

- Why obesity, Kurt? You were bullied; shouldn't you stick to what you know?

- Okay, I'm glad Kurt is tackling bullying as a new platform, but this show is treating his anti-dodgeball stance as something completely revolutionary and unheard of when EVERY SCHOOL IN AMERICA (and quite a few summer camps to boot) have already taken this on before him.

- If Rachel tells the school to vote for Kurt, they're just going to vote for anyone but Kurt. Everyone hates Rachel; she has no clout.

- Oh, look, glee is taking the Ringer approach and giving us a completely different show in the last five minutes.

But in other (better) news, I do want to download all of the songs Idina Menzel has sung during her time here on glee. So if you have a thorough and complete list, please send it my way. Yes, that will include the duet with Matthew Morrison. Again, I'm more surprised than you should be.

If there was less talky-talky and more singing, I would have enjoyed this a lot more.

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