Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If I Won The Lottery...

I grew up middle class, but these days I'm...less than that. I spend more time making sure I enjoy what I do each day than make good money at it, which is becoming something of a problem, but I'll worry about that later. In the meantime, I dream about winning the lottery and all I could do with the money I'd have then. I'd use it for good! Mostly...

"If I Won The Lottery"

The first thing I'd have to buy is a huge house-- not because I want lots of stuff (please, I live in a one bedroom now and barely have any furniture because I never get off my couch) but because I could foster a ton of dogs at once and they'd have ample room to run around. They could have their own wing. And hopefully one with an ocean view.

Another custom Fazzino. I commissioned "Growing Up with 90s TV" over two years ago, and as much as I still love and cherish it, I sometimes keep going back to my original concept sketch that featured over thirty shows and would have been five feet long when finished (and let's just say, more than double what I paid for the one I did end up with). I don't want to "do it over," but I do want to commission a second one-- one that showcases the shows since the 90s, since I've grown, that mean so much to me. Shows like Gilmore Girls and Supernatural and Friday Night Lights and even Community and Happy Endings.

A sports car. It sounds weird and mid-life-crisis-y to put this on the list, but it's true. Right now, with gas prices as ridiculous they are and mileage in the smallest cars as terrible as it is because said small cars have turbo engines, I just can't justify the "upgrade." But sometimes when I drive my Accord I feel like I'm driving a boat. I'm one tiny person! Okay, I'm not *that* tiny. But still, I'm one person. I like two door cars, and more and more I think I'd like a two-seater. So unless I win such a large lottery I can commission a non-sports-car coupe, I'm going to look into the old Nissan 350zs or Lexus SC430s. Who cares how much they make you pay through the nose for gas and/or insurance? I'd be rich!

"Put your hands together" in charity. Usually you have to choose between donating money or donating time to charitable causes. I know for me there is an inevitable internal struggle about which matters more-- and which will make me more feel like I actually did something to help the cause or situation. But if I win the lottery, I don't have to choose; I can do both. I'd have more money to give, and since money wouldn't be an option, I'd have more time to take off from work to donate. I could get more hands-on involved in causes I've wanted to work with for a while now, like A Dog's Life Rescue and the PKD Foundation and the Death with Dignity center.

Yearly trips to Walt Disney World. And each year I'd take a friend with his or her kid with me. When I was a kid, my mother would let me choose where I wanted to go on vacation every year. I had such a limited world view, I would always pick Disney World in Orlando. As I grew up, though, I stopped going. Now I haven't been since junior high, and they have completely renovated major areas in the park. I know it wouldn't be the same to go back alone, as a grown woman, though; I want to see it through the eyes of kids who are in as much wonder and excitement as I once was. And because I don't yet have my own kids; I want to pay it forward for those of my friends'.

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Marie said...

I'm fairly confident that if I won the Lottery, the first thing I'd do would be to panic. I'd probably buy some blackout curtains, hang them and then sit in the dark, clutching the winning ticket, muttering "Don't panic!" over and over again. Everyone buys a ticket in hopes of winning vast amounts of money but I don't think many really believe it possible.

And once someone managed to coax me out of my dark room, I think I'd be very boring and practical. I'd figure out the sum of money that could realistically guarantee me no more financial worries for as long as I live and then bank it. And leave it alone unless I somehow managed to blow the rest of the winnings. Then I'd pay off my mortgage.

But to be honest, I can't think of any "big" purchases that appeal to me. I've no particular desire for a private jet or yacht or any of those stereotypical "Look at me, I've won the Lottery!" purchases now. I don't see why I'd want them afterwards. Travel and gaming are the two things I'd want to do more of and a win would help me do that. There'd be more holidays and less waiting for games to come down in price.

But to be honest, I think the majority of the win would just sit there, until something occurred to me. I wouldn't want to draw attention to it. Unfortunately, a Lottery win does have the potential to open you up to all kinds of attention, from the annoying to the downright sinister, and I'd want nothing to do with it.