Friday, November 25, 2011

My 2011 Holiday Wishlist...

Black Friday is upon us today, but with the state of the economy what it is-- and corporate greed being what it will always be-- retailers everywhere will keep various sales up and running for all of your holiday shopping needs long past "just" this one day. It's been quite a while since I've mailed anything to the North Pole, and honestly, since well before I even started making my own money, more often than not if I'd see something I wanted, rather than put it on a list and wait to see if someone else made my dreams come true, I'd just buy it for myself. I'm into immediate gratification that way. But times are tough, and that kind of attitude makes it even tougher for friends to get me something other than a gift certificate, so I sat down to consider some of the items I want that I have yet (for whatever reason) to actually already pick up for myself. And if the mood strikes you to pick up something for your favorite rambling TV blogger this year, I have compiled my "Dear Santa" wishlist right here:

Community Christmas figurines. Currently the set is still missing Baby Shirley and Troop Leader Abed from being complete, and admittedly I want to "collect 'em all," so it may make sense to just wait to buy these until they're all available and can be obtained with some kind of bulk discount. But I imagine the NBC Store will be updated with these additional items soon...

Kindle gift certificates. I know I just kind of dismissed gift certificates, but I like to read, and it's hard to anticipate what I want to read next, in part because I don't keep up with the books that will be released next the way I do television show premieres, so it's hard to just put a list of books on this wish list. I like to just read book reviews and purchase on the spot the ones I think are most in tune with my own interests and opinions. Although, there are two I do know I want: "The Future of Us" by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler and "1Q84" by Haruki Murakami. I wouldn't turn down the hardcovers, but I feel like it's more cost-effective to buy the eBooks. Your gift, your call, though :)

An xBox Kinect. In truth I mostly want this so I can then get the Disneyland Adventures game. The trailer looks amazing, and everyone who has actually played said it's like actually being in the park, but being a behind-the-scenes player who gets to ride rides and go inside the story to interact with characters on their home turf setting.

Saved By The Bell: The Board Game and beach towel. I had both of these items when I was a kid and got rid of both, for separate reasons, at separate times in my adolescence. But I'm into kitschy nostalgia these days and would love to "re own" both of these things. It's a slippery slope, though, and I know once I do an eBay search for them, I will inevitably find a dozen other items I just had to have back in the day that now I could finally obtain for myself. I don't want to scratch that itch out of fear for my wallet. It's better suited for someone with better self control-- or unlimited funds-- like Santa.

Customizable M&Ms. I don't even really like this candy. I'm not a big fan of milk chocolate in general, let alone in such small doses, and the flavor cut by a candy shell. But I like the idea of stamping my own photos or personal messages on them. Just like Chan + Jan 4eva!

Enrollment in Godiva's Chocolate of the Month club. Okay,
this is a much better bet if you're looking to buy me candy. I always wanted to partake but never felt right about asking someone to spend a few hundred dollars on-- well, candy. I guess I got over that. Dark assortment, please.

Awkward. season one on DVD. Lately I've been getting all of the TV on DVD I could want (and then some) sent to me in review copies, but somehow this show that I actually fell pleasantly in love with earlier this fall escaped me.

New "kicky" boots.

Sapphire and aquamarine hoop earrings. I finally decided to make up a pair of earring to match the tennis bracelet I wear every day, and of course as soon as I was ready to go put a deposit down, my jeweler went out of business (it's not all bad; there's a Michael Kors there now, and I do love handbags!). So if anyone sees a pair already existing in the world, send 'em my way!

... Oh, and if you have time, world peace :)

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