Thursday, December 22, 2011

'The Challenge' Is Back (And Thankfully, So Is CT)!...

"Pack your bags; you have no idea where we're going to take you."


Just when we thought MTV must be running out of ideas for The Real World/Road Rules Challenge, they throw the best one yet at us. And honestly, I am left wondering what took them so long to get here. Because the new season is called "The Exes," and yes, that's exactly what you think it is. People sleep with each other left and right on these challenges, and now those "relationships" are coming back to bite them when they are thrown back together with someone who has proven to be explosive or volatile for them in the past. Who could forget how CT crumbled when he was no longer with Diem or the giggling mess Paula became around Dunbar? They won't all be so serious (Sarah's partnership with Vinny stems from a one-night stand, while Johnny sleeps with everyone, probably just so he ensures himself a slot in a competition like this), but regardless, it's round two for them and a handful of other couples, some of whom we feel like we've never met before at all-- either together or apart. In The Exes, they must work through their problems and work together to get to the end, and the money. We can hardly wait!

Full list of teams include: Abram and Cara Maria; Dunbar and Paula; Dustin and Heather; Johnny and Camila; Leroy and Naomi; Mark and Robin; Nate and Priscilla; Rachel and Aneesa; Ty and Emily; Tyrie and Jasmine; Vinny and Sarah; and Wes and Mandi.

Come on, that sounds pretty classic already, right?

The new season of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Exes premieres on MTV on January 25th at 10pm.

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Jaime said...

That is going to be amazeballs. I can't wait! I'm surprised Kenny and Johanna aren't there, with Wes being there and all. It would have been super trashy drama, and super entertaining.