Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From LA Examiner: 2012 SAG Awards Nominations Announced; The Newest 'Biggest Loser' Plans His Future; 'Switched At Birth' Spoilers From Katie Leclerc

"2012 SAG nominees include all the usual suspects, plus Jessica Lange!"

Early this morning, live from Los Angeles, television's own Judy Greer and Regina King read the nominees from the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. These awards are unique because only members of the prestigious actors' union can vote, making the nominees a true selection by their peers... [MORE]

"Profiles in History to auction Friends memorabilia, Mulder & Scully's IDs"

Still stuck on what to get the favorite television lover in your life for the holidays? Profiles in History has the answer! Starting tomorrow, December 15th 2011 and continuing through December 17th 2011 they are hosting a live, absentee, and online auction extravaganza called "Icons of Hollywood." Be there in person at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, or do so from the comfort of your own home, but don't miss out on trying to scoop up one-of-a-king prop items like the sofa from Central Perk (Friends), the Ohio raglan shirt Michael J. Fox wore in the opening of Family Ties, Mulder and Scully's FBI ID badges (The X-Files), production binders from The Simpsons, and tons of autographed scripts, headshots, animation cels, and wardrobe sketches... [MORE]

"The Biggest Loser John Rhode plans to keep the weight off with L.A's marathon"

After a dozen seasons of The Biggest Loser, fans haven't come to expect any "firsts" anymore. Sure, there are still records to be broken-- most notably how fast a contestant on the ranch can drop one hundred pounds-- but after watching so many cycles, and so many people, pass through, it seems like we have seen it all. But during last night's season finale, we did get a surprise first when the contestant who Dolvett Quince, the ranch's virgin trainer, which this being just his first season involved in the show, took home the grand prize and top title. John Rhode lost a whopping two hundred and twenty pounds (almost half his starting body weight). He was also the first contestant that a trainer (Bob Harper) verbally admitted weight-gain-back worry while he was on the ranch... [MORE]

"Katie Leclerc teases daddy drama for Switched at Birth’s mid-season return"

“Daphne never had Angelo in her life, but she had a place to put every ounce of anger, every ounce of distrust in humanity, every negative. Daphne is a very optimistic person but I think it is a result of her stashing away every negative feeling she ever had and blaming it all on Angelo, and at the same time, blaming all of his decisions on herself because she has guilt and anger and sorrow and loneliness and so much to deal with, with him. There is a lot of rebuilding to do,” Switched at Birth star Katie Leclerc teased where her character is at when the ABC Family drama returns after the holidays... [MORE]

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