Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Archer' Season Two Comes to DVD; HBO Renews 'Enlightened', Cancels 3; 'One Tree Hill' Event; 'Chuck' Justifies Daniel Shaw's Return

"Archer Season Two shoots up DVD shelves"

Still looking for that last minute, perfect stocking stuffer for the TV lover in your life? It seems FX may have been counting on that! They are releasing the second season of their animated spy comedy Archer on DVD on January 27th, and it makes the perfect gift for anyone who likes smart humor, an abundance of double entendres, or a chance to live vicariously in the world of expensive suits and even more expensive shoot-outs... [MORE]

"HBO renews Enlightened, cancels three"

Bah humbug, HBO! With the holiday season officially upon us, HBO has announced this morning only one spot of bright news for the TV lovers out there. They have renewed the freshman dark comedy Enlightened from the mind of Mike White-- but they have countered that gift with three big lumps of coal in canceling Hung, Bored to Death, and How to Make It In America... [MORE]

"Say good-bye to One Tree Hill with the cast in Los Angeles"

Calling all One Tree Hill fans! The show is about to enter its final season on The CW in January 2012, and to kick off the bittersweet celebration, the network is hosting a special advance screening of the season premiere... [MORE]

"Chuck’s Chris Fedak and Zachary Levi discuss Christmas and Daniel Shaw"

Daniel, Daniel, Daniel Shaw. You were the most hated villain in Chuck history. Sorry, Brandon Routh, but it’s true. It’s not really personal. Shaw just showed fans how easily a man could be corrupted, and that scared those who were rooting for Chuck himself (Zachary Levi). But also he posed a threat to the epic love that was evident from the start in Chuck and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). So he had to go. But he never truly died, and now in the fifth and final season, we will see why: he had to come back one last time to throw a monkey wrench into the Bartowskis lives anew. Both personally and professionally... [MORE]

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