Monday, December 12, 2011

From LA Examiner: A Chance Family Christmas; 'Chuck's' Newest Bad-Ass Introduced...

"Raising Hope builds character but benches the baby this Christmas"

“There is no Hope.” A line like that carries so much weight at Christmas time, especially in a show where there is a titular baby of the same name. But it is exactly the kind of world Raising Hope’s holiday episode, “It’s A Hopeful Life” sets up when the Chance family takes a little trip to the movies only to learn there is one being released that is based on their own lives, thanks to Jimmy (Lucas Neff) accidentally selling away the rights in exchange for a simpleton’s toy. Soon the Chances are famous, with moviegoers stopping by their house to peer in the windows and take photos, and everyone blames Jimmy. So he wishes he had never picked up Lucy (guest star Bijou Phillips) in his van, and then he promptly passes out on a bar floor. Happy holidays! ... [MORE]

"Chuck’s Chris Fedak previews the “scary and sexy” Rebecca Romijn"

The Chuck series may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean all the bad guys have been introduced, accounted for, and eventually caught by Team Bartowski. In fact, it’s proving to be quite the opposite as in the next new episode, “Chuck vs The Curse,” we meet another brand new threat... [MORE]

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