Monday, December 5, 2011

From LA Examiner: Chris Parnell Previews His New 'Prep & Landing' Role; The Cast of 'Community' Sing for Christmas; Showtime Renews 'Web Therapy'...

"Chris Parnell gets animated for Prep & Landing: Naughty Vs Nice"

If you’re looking for a fun, fresh holiday special that you can watch with your whole family, ABC and Disney’s animated sequel to Prep & Landing is for you. Picking up the yuletide adventures of Lanny (Derek Richardson) and Wayne (Dave Foley), two North Pole elves with the job of getting every house in the world ready for Santa’s visit, Prep & Landing: Naughty Vs Nice introduces a brand new (star) power player in Mr. Thistleton (Chris Parnell), a technology genius who is the reason no kid gets left behind on Christmas. Unfortunately this holiday season, a piece of Mr. Thistleton’s patented, genius technology has fallen into the hands of a kid on the Naughty List-- a kid who plans to hack said technology to get placed on the Nice List. Mr. Thistleton can’t have that or his life’s work will be thwarted, Parnell pointed out when LA TV Insider Examiner had a chance to catch up with him... [MORE]

"SET VISIT FEATURE: Celebrating Christmas with the cast of Community"

On a surprisingly sunny October morning just before Halloween, the cast and crew of Community gathered in costumes in their decorated Los Angeles soundstage, ready to celebrate not ghosts and goblins or vampires and demons but Little Drummer Boys and angels, and one very jolly man in a red and green plaid vest. Thanks to the magic of Hollywood, Community was working on its third season Christmas episode a few months early. And after the show-stopping (and Emmy-winning) animation holiday classic of season two, LA TV Insider Examiner (who was on set to witness some of the yuletide glee) had to wonder if the musical theme this time around was the only one that could truly top the holiday festivities of yesteryear. As it turns out, though, the mind-set of the cast wasn’t about trying to outdo anything they had previously done at all, but instead to simply do something unique and equally exciting to them now... [MORE]

"Showtime signs on for more Web Therapy, brings Meryl Streep & Conan O'Brien!"

It's official! Though Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky were shooting additional episode of Web Therapy as of the summer, today Showtime announced that they are picking up a second season of the improv therapy comedy. Episodes were shot and produced under Kudrow's L Studio and originally aired online, as short seven or eight minute web installments but will be packaged together to create ten half-hour episodes, featuring all new guest stars, that will comprise of Showtime's season two in 2012... [MORE]

"Misha Collins returning to Supernatural for three new episodes"

On the heels of Friday evening's uber-emotional and seeming permanent good-bye to Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver), we started thinking about what that meant for Castiel and Misha Collins. After watching Beaver and Bobby, men beloved for seven years by the Supernatural fan base get such a respectful and emotional moment of "wrap up," we could only hope that Castiel would be back to receive the same treatment. Sure, he has only been in our lives since season four, but in the short amount of time, he has had a profound impact-- especially on Dean (Jensen Ackles), regardless of the fans. There needs to be some closure with Castiel, too, are we right? ... [MORE]

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