Thursday, December 8, 2011

From LA Examiner: Christmas in Pawnee; A "High School Reunion" with The 'Always Sunny' Gang; PaleyFest 2012 Additions; Zac Levi On Directing Part 2...

"Christmas breaks Ron Swanson, bests Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation"

Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation) has a lot on her mind these days. One would think that a two-week suspension (with pay!) from a job would be a nice little vacation for someone at this time of year, let alone someone who needs to devote a good amount of attention and energy to a political campaign. You could stay in your pajamas all day, eat cookies for breakfast, and just watch daytime TV. Or you could hit the malls to do your holiday shopping while everyone else is at work, ensuring no lines for you. But Leslie Knope doesn’t think that way. And she’s had her holiday shopping done for a while now. So “Citizen Knope” is not your typical Christmas episode... [MORE]

"FX hosts Judy Greer, Sasha Roiz, Nick Wechsler for an Always Sunny reunion"

We’re winding down the seventh season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but before this chapter of the irreverent FX comedy comes to a close, the gang is pulling out all of the stops to remind you just why you love these weirdos so much. On any other show, revisiting characters’ youths is a device used to help the audience sympathize with them and helping understand where they are coming from, but on Always Sunny, it’s really just another chance for the gang to be awful in the name of misguided justice. We’ve seen blips of this before, but now it will reach its culmination, seeing a return of so many familiar funny faces from the gang’s past, as well as references and callbacks to the gang’s past adventures. That’s right, Always Sunny is taking on “The High School Reunion"... [MORE]

"PaleyFest 2012 adds Once Upon A Time, Sons of Anarchy, Two and a Half Men"

The Paley Center for Media announced this morning a few more additions to their annual PaleyFest lineup. Two and a Half Men, Once Upon A Time, and Sons of Anarchy will join the previously announced honorees, Mad Men, Modern Family, and American Horror Story taking part in the Center's annual two-week celebration of great television. Once again, the event returns to Beverly Hills' own Saban Theatre... [MORE]

"Zachary Levi directs nerds and nudity in “Chuck vs The Hack Off”

The final season of Chuck has been unfolding slowly since its October season premiere date, and since it is a short one-- only thirteen episodes-- it certainly feels like we are in the homestretch already. Thankfully, though, we actually have more than half of the episodes still to be seen, but time just flies so fast when we have fun with our favorite spies! For series star Zachary Levi, there were a few things the series could not end without his titular character of Chuck Bartowski doing, as homage to his past, of course, but there was also something very special the actor himself wanted to do. Direct another episode. Levi had his directing debut on Chuck, and when the series comes to its eventual end in January 2012, he will have three episodes in the director’s chair under his belt. His most recent one is “Chuck vs The Hack Off,” an episode which series showrunner Chris Fedak called “one of the nerdiest episodes ever.” And in all honesty, with Levi, the man who made the nerds the cool kids at the helm, we wouldn’t have settled for anything less... [MORE]

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