Friday, December 9, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Chuck' Suits Up As Santa; Maggie Q Previews Post-Hiatus 'Nikita'; CW Mid-Season Dates; Amy Smart Previews '12 Dates of Christmas'

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Chuck "suits up" as Santa and kisses who?? this Christmas"

We can't tell you anything about the final Christmas episode of Chuck, entitled "Chuck vs The Santa Suit." Well, that's not true; we could tell you everything; we had a chance to check out an advance copy just last week. But that would be unfair. Because when we sat down, not knowing anything about it, we were completely swept up in the wonder and awe, not just of the season, but of the surprises the episode delivered. And that is magic we want you all to experience, too... [MORE]

"Maggie Q gives Nikita fans 5 things to look forward to, post-hiatus"

There isn’t a new Nikita tonight. Actually, there isn’t a new Nikita for quite a few nights, as we have come upon that dreaded holiday hiatus. However, the show is still up and running, production-wise, in Toronto, and series star Maggie Q promised there would be a lot of big, exciting moments to tune back in for in the new year. Just how big and exciting? Well, how about a nearly naked Dillon Casey, as well as an even deeper, darker truth about Cassandra (Helena Mattsson), and a three-episode game-changing arc? Here are some details straight from the titular star herself... [MORE]

"The CW sets mid-season 2012 return dates"

How are you guys holding up without original episodes of your favorite CW shows? Not too shaky from withdrawal, we hope! Because there is still a long road to the returns. Check out the mid-season schedule below and sound off in the comments with what you'll do to get by and what show you are most anticipating seeing again... [MORE]

"Amy Smart remembers her favorite 12 Dates of Christmas"

In 12 Dates of Christmas, Amy Smart plays a very focused woman who unfortunately may have such blinders on she can’t see what she wants isn’t what’s best for her. But this is a holiday movie, so of course fate-- and a little bit of magic-- intervenes in order to force her eyes open. She re-lives Christmas Eve over and over (twelve times total) so she can get it right and open herself up to new people and new opportunities. Here Smart talks about what endeared her to the character and which of the Christmas Eves was most fun to film! ... [MORE]

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