Friday, December 2, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'Good Luck Charlie', '12 Dates of Christmas', & 'Snowmageddon' Advance Reviews; Bob Arno Demos Pickpocketing; Danny Pudi on 'Chuck'

"VIDEO: The Good Luck Charlie cast previews their Christmas special"

The holidays are the time of year to sit around with one’s family, watch old movies (preferably by a fireplace), eat sugar cookies, play games, and lounge around in pajamas all day. But the holidays for TV families are hardly so low-key and cozy; often they include one family member being unfairly separated from the rest, a race through the airport to arrive at their travel destination last minute, a misunderstanding, or some good old-fashioned generation gap bickering that plays out in song. Disney Channel’s special holiday TV movie, Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas has all of the above. And then some... [MORE]

"VIDEO: Nat Geo’s Pickpocket King Bob Arno previews his craft"

“You kind of have to have a passion for cons and scams and things of that nature,” Bob Arno, the Pickpocket King explained his profession, scanning the thin crowd on the corner of Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles on a warm November morning... [MORE]

"Syfy’s Snowmageddon deals in holiday magic, but not the twinkling kind"

There are a lot of ways we have been told the world will end in 2012. There are a lot of shows that have shown us what an apocalypse might look like. But these days it appears a magical snow globe may be the key-- at least according to Syfy. Who needs blood to be spilled, spells to be cast, or seals to be cracked in order to raise demons to do the dirty work when a simple household object can infiltrate a small town and wreak havoc all on its own? Syfy certainly seems to think snow globes will be our undoing, if their new original holiday film Snowmageddon is any indication... [MORE]

"12 Dates of Christmas gives the gift of multiple Christmases"

12 Dates of Christmas is a truly refreshing breath of fresh winter air this holiday season full of classic movies and new made-for-TV originals alike. Though the premise may sound all too familiar (a young woman is forced to re-live Christmas Eve over and over-- twelve times, in fact-- until she finally gets it right, a Groundhog Day for the holiday season), the approach is modern and interesting every time. Instead of simply showing us the same few events of the night occurring multiple times with only a few minor details tweaked, Kate (Amy Smart) truly embraces the idea of getting a do-over and each time does something radically different. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results, so though others may look at Kate and think she’s nuts when she claims she has had a conversation before or met someone previously when they have no recollection of her, she is truly making the most of her holiday in order to learn her true lesson. 12 Dates of Christmas may start out with a young woman so afraid to be alone for the holidays she wants to get back together with a guy who wasn’t right for her, but it’s real lesson is that no one should be alone for the holidays, and if we stop being so petty and self-centered, especially around Christmas, we can do real good for a large group of people... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Danny Pudi takes over Chuck's Buy More"

There may not be a new episode of Chuck tonight, but it's okay, because we still have a dose of your favorite spy series anyway. Today NBC released the first look at special guest star Community's Danny Pudi, who will pop up in next week's "Chuck vs The Hack Off" episode, directed by series star Zachary Levi... [MORE]

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