Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From LA Examiner: 'New Girl' Explores Sex & Guest Stars; 'Up All Night' Celebrates Baby's "First Christmas"; Kelly Stables Q&A; Chris Zylka Promoted

"New Girl takes it to the next level with Justin Long, Eva Amurri, etc"

Here’s the thing about New Girl: when it’s good, it’s great, and when it’s awkward, it makes us so uncomfortable we literally cringe. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) has moments where we just want to pat her on her head and put her in our pocket for safe-keeping, but then she’ll turn and have a moment where we she says something that makes us want to slap her just so she never says it again. Most of the time we find ourselves wondering why her roommates seem to find her so charming, past the whole “pretty smart girl” thing. “Bad In Bed” is the epitome of one such episode; within, it turns that corner from “cute awkward” to just plain weird... [MORE]

"Up All Night celebrates new traditions in “First Christmas”

Perverse plastic Santas, last minute expensive presents, and stress eating. There’s nothing more to the holidays than that, right? Well, okay, maybe making one’s family happy. And in Up All Night’s first Christmas episode, aptly titled “First Christmas,” because it is also baby Amy’s first holiday celebration, all Reagan (Christina Applegate) wants is for her daughter’s face to light up with the joy of the season. So she throws all of her old, “too cool for the holidays” traditions out the window, puts on her metaphoric reindeer sweater, and sets out to obtain all the perfect elements on Christmas Eve in her own misguided, but still quite touching way... [MORE]

"Sitcom queen Kelly Stables talks all things The Exes, like Charlie Sheen to guest star!?"

Kelly Stables may be the queen of the sitcom one-liners. Though her appearance in her new TV Land pilot, The Exes, was brief, she packed a lot of punch into a small amount of screen time, getting some of the biggest laughs for the sassy way she related to her boss and stood up for her hard-partying, drinking, dating ways. The character may have just popped in for a brief moment, but Stables’ presence in the show remained long after she wasn’t on-screen. In our opinion, she is the next Megan Mullally, able to steal a scene with just a simple glance or expression. And thankfully for us (and all of her fans), The Exes producers seem to feel the same way... [MORE]

"The Secret Circle promotes Chris Zylka to series regular"

The Secret Circle keeps their bad boy around a bit longer. But will he actually get to be bad? Though last we saw hop-a-long Jake (Chis Zylka)*, he was on a boat, staring longingly at Cassie (Britt Robertson) while presumably heading out of Chance Harbor for a bit of a stretch. He just learned that another in the "secret circle" was born from John Blackwell and therefore held the capacity for dark magic within, and he was beginning to feel torn about his allegiance to the witch-hunting cause and his growing feelings for a girl he was told he should kill. Kids today! Such problems, are we right!? But it seems like he won't be gone for too long because today Entertainment Weekly has learned that Zylka has been promoted to series regular... [MORE]

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