Sunday, December 4, 2011

Live-blogging 'Dexter's' "Ricochet Rabbit"...

I wish I had a camera on me while I was screening this "Ricochet Rabbit" episode of Dexter. I think my reactions were kind of viral-worthy, even if not completely priceless. What was once my favorite show became so damn predictable this season I came out of most episodes feeling actually insulted-- and a bit disgusted-- at giving them my time. But this tenth episode in, I felt they were finally beginning to turn it back around. Dexter himself (Michael C. Hall) had stepped off course earlier in the season, with his foray into religion, and though that doesn't excuse the show's own stepping off (quality) course, it may explain it. Sometimes the product takes the shape of the container in which it comes, and sometimes the container melts or gets crushed and re-shapes the product. Regardless, Dexter sees clearly once again, and (hopefully) so do the writers. But it's always a rocky road to recovery...

Live-blogging "Ricochet Rabbit":

- We just received a "in case you missed it" recap that expositionally explained it was Travis all along. We really don't need the first line of this new episode to repeat that. #annoyedalready

- Travis' face! I know he's supposed to be in shock at seeing a frozen Gellar, but come on, Hanks, you can do better. This show is kind of making me re-think him the way You've Got Mail made me re-think dear old dad...

- Dexter didn't fail because he put his faith in Travis. He didn't put his faith in Travis. He put his faith in a God that probably doesn't exist. That was his failure. He should have stuck to his own instincts. Those never failed him before. Whether or not a God placed his instincts within him in the first place not withstanding.

- I hope Dexter cuts off one of Gellar's fingers to plant his prints at some other crime scene.

- Ha! I love that Dexter just used my idea about the fingers. But I don't love how obvious it was that that was the plan.

- Why is Travis dressed like Arthur Mitchell?

- Also, I don't care how much this Steve Dorsey guy seems to be just as creepy as you, that email message "You don't know me, but I think we should meet" is how most Datelines start.

- It's a crucifix. It's made of wood. Unless Debra is the Devil herself or a vampire, she shouldn't be reacting so violently.

- Chlorpromazine is for schizophrenia, Deb, duh. Also, I win.

- All this talk and teasing out of Louis' video game leads me to believe that it's a game about Dexter's life-- Dexter's kills. Maybe Louis knows more than he's leading on, or maybe he's just using what he finds online and filling in the rest creatively. But I know if and when he manages to bring it up to Dexter, he won't get the approval he so obviously seeks.

Also, I'm sorry, but isn't Louis a little old to be an intern? That alone should make us all suspicious of him!

- Oh, there's Jordana Spiro! Just when I totally forgot she was supposed to be in this season. Way to slap 'er on at the last second.

- You know, Dex, you could have just snapped a photo of that magazine address label on your cell phone. If this Holly chick does come home, she's going to notice someone tore off a chunk of her stuff. She's probably on high alert after, you know, being kidnapped and forced to drink blood.

- I more than kind of wish this glib, "in passing" conversation between Dexter and Harry about teaching a kid how to kill potentially making the kid the killer after all wasn't so, well, glib. Or in passing. Or late in the game. The whole "nature vs nurture" aspect to Dexter's, and now Travis', potentially, upbringings is the very thing that made me fascinated about the concept of this show in the first place. Justification, parameters, secrets, it's all just a way to cover the crime. And it is a crime. And Dexter has always known that. He's even been faced with "putting down" those like him-- those exactly like him-- before. Yet because he allowed himself to be confused by the thought of another code, a higher power dictating his actions, Travis', Gellar's, this one should mean more.

- Debra really shouldn't be so surprised at this so-called therapeutic "revelation." Just a few episodes ago, again in therapy, she realized how much she leans on Dexter to talk out her problems and stuff. This is the exact same thing.

- "...and on the eighth day Travis cut open a woman and then had angry faith sex with another woman..."

- The Bay Harbor Butcher actually is name-checked in this video game, Louis? You're really limiting your audience. Who outside Miami would know that name? Especially when alongside someone like Dahmer!?

- Huh. I never knew Chief Matthews' first name was Thomas. Then again, I never cared much about him to learn his first name.

- Oh Angel, this is Miami, you should never investigate a lead on your own. Even if your partner is a drunk, the extra body can sometimes come in handy. Even if simply to use as a human shield or something.

- I knew Jordana was the brains in this operation. Nice quick thinking on the "viral" thing.

- Meh, I wouldn't mind if "wormwood" took out a bit of the dead weight in Miami Metro.

- Harry, it's been personal for Dexter ever since Brian. And now that Brian popped back up again recently, it's, like, uber-personal.

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