Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Move Into "Murder House"...

It's official: The "Murder House" is for sale. Now who want's to go splitsies? My blogger salary can't afford it alone!

At six bedrooms, five bathrooms, ten thousand plus square feet on an almost thirty thousand square foot lot across from a convent (yes, seriously), in Los Angeles proper, it's a steal at four and a half million (asking price). Considering you will live there long after your corporeal body has passed on (assuming it does so in the house, anyway), that could amount to pennies per day.

The ugly American Horror Story new construction gazebo is not included, though there seems to be ample space to put in a pool. Just don't be alarmed if you hit some bones when you dig. Plus, assuming the second season of the show still shoots at the same house and keeps at least the majority of the same cast, the chance to watch Connie Britton and Jessica Lange do their thing would pay for itself eighty times over, even if you do have to deal with people pulling over to pose in front of your property. But honestly? That just gives you free weekend entertainment when you make ghost noises and start to mess with them!

Pack your toys, Madison Chandler, I think we just found our true forever home!

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