Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Pop Culture Christmas List...

Dear Santa:

There are a lot of things I want in life. Many of them are material, actual "things"-- ones that really would only benefit me. But then there are a whole bunch of things I'd love to see happen, mostly in the world of pop culture, that would make this holiday season, full of re-runs and less-than-original "new" holiday specials, a whole lot brighter!

A return date for Community. I understand it won't be in January, and while I'm not happy about it, I've at least come to accept it. But not knowing when it will be back is just plain cruel. Having an answer would mean something to look forward to once the tree comes down and the tinsel vacuumed up. I would count down to the new episode the way I have been for the holidays.

A return date for Cougar Town. See above.

A second season for
Pan Am. I loved this pilot so much, and admittedly while subsequent episodes lost a little bit of the magic, I want to see this one "come back" from the brink of cancellation to shut up the cynics and so the underdog can win. And okay, I'm still licking my wounds from Life Unexpected last year, and I hate to see another group of fans go through that.

Zachary Levi's Christmas album. He mentioned once, kind of in passing, during an interview with me that he would love to record a holiday album, and I am planning to hold him to it. He clearly has the chops (see: Tangled and that duet with Katharine McPhee); he has the famous singer friends in case he gets a case of the shies and doesn't want to go at all tracks alone (see Katharine McPhee or Community's Yvette Nicole Brown); he sings for fun in between takes anyway (if the mics are on, someone can just shout out holiday classic requests and bing, bam, boom, the album records itself!). And he's about to have the time, since Chuck is sadly wrapping production for good in just a few days. It must be done.

A follow-up to "The Nightman Cometh." I wouldn't expect a tour or live LA performance or anything now that just about everyone in the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast has a baby to fuss over, but the guys told me earlier this year they always think about doing a sequel. They give us kind of, sort of a taste of one when the gang performs a seemingly interpretive but explained to be pre-planned dance routine at their high school reunion in a few weeks, but we want something more involved, that could spurn a soundtrack and new merchandise and an off (off-off-off) Broadway revival!

Smash to somehow work in a Mariah Carey number. I've given up on glee, and even if they did allow Amber Riley to tackle "We Belong Together" or whatever, I don't think it would be enough to get me to go back to the dark side. But Smash? I love it already! Since their music all actually works with the plot of the musical they are producing, I don't know that this could ever happen, but I hope they try. And while we're on the topic, I wouldn't turn down a set visit. Even though it would mean I'd have to head back to New York...

Detox to finally drop. I say this every year. I will say it again until it actually happens (and if and when it does, I'm sure I will be completely underwhelmed by it and it won't seem worthy of being an addition on so many of these lists. ...okay that is a ploy to challenge Dr. Drew to hurry up and finish the damn thing already before those of us who are still waiting are too old and probably hard-of-hearing to appreciate it anyway. Did it work? Guess you'll just have to check back here next year to see if it's finally off the list).

Dexter and How I Met Your Mother to receive end dates. Some shows just need to know how much time they have so they can plan accordingly. Actually, all shows need that, but it's much more dire for some than others. These are two that have unfortunately proven that left to their own devices, after a huge bout of success, the fanfare will go to their heads, and they'll start doing dumb, "milk this story for all its worth" type crap that just drags a once compelling story into the gutter.

An answer to Who Killed Rosie Larsen? I was okay with the season finale of The Killing not telling me conclusively, but if they drag it out too long, with too many red herrings, I'm going to toss it aside like I did with Ringer, so here's hoping it gets cleared up in early 2012. Like maybe even at the TCA panel in January. I kid, I kid, Veena Sud (except not really; if you want to whisper it to me, I'll keep your secret safe, I swear).

For Homeland to win the Emmys. All of them. Especially Lead Actor for Damian Lewis.

You know, and then there's always world peace!

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