Monday, December 19, 2011

Television's Mid-Season 2011 Report Card: Drama Edition...

Fall finales kind of already feel like a thing of the past. Mid-season premieres are about to be upon us in just a few short (hey, it is winter!) days. So Marisa Roffman from and I wanted to check in with some of the shows to see how they've held up this season so far.

Split into five separate "mini vodcasts" below are our report cards for five separate television dramas we've watched and reported on this fall. We graded the shows in secret (considering only the current season episodes for each show alone, not comparing them to each other or any others) and then came together to justify our grades. Check out our discussions and see if you think we were being too nice (or not!) about any of the shows:




Hart of Dixie

(*recorded prior to screening the season finale)

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