Monday, December 26, 2011

Television's Mid-Season 2011 Report Card: Comedy Edition...

It's report card time yet again! Last you saw my vodcast with my friend Marisa Roffman from, we were grading a few of this season's dramas, and we had so much to say about those we had to cut it short before we even got to the comedies. So here we are again, in our final vodcast of 2011.

(Also, I must apologize now: I was tired while filming, and when I get tired, my accent comes out. I never wanted you all to hear it so thickly, and I'm sorry.)

Split into five separate "mini vodcasts" below are our report cards for five separate television comedies we've watched and reported on this fall. Again, we graded the shows in secret (and again, considering only the current season episodes for each show alone, not comparing them to each other or any others) and then came together to justify our grades. Check out our discussions and see if you think we were being too nice (or not!) about any of the shows:

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