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Tonight's TV Talk: Live-Blogging "Chuck vs The Santa Suit"...

TV Talk for Friday, December 23rd 2011

Chuck (NBC, 8pm) - S5, Ep7: "Chuck vs The Santa Suit"

- Oh Rebecca Romijn, you are just a piece of the plan! And a small, expendable one at that (thankfully).

- I love that the Buy More holiday costumes are basically Buddy the Elf.

- Poor Lester underestimates the Piranha's hacking skills, too. Nobody knows how to stop The Omen? I bet Chuck could figure it out! Post haste!

- I love that Sarah has been sucked into the Christmas spirit because of the baby. She does have a soft side! And apparently a whole Toys R Us in Castle with her. Seriously? That baby is going to care way more about the wrapping paper than the fancy dolls.

- Aww, Casey has a soft side, too. Look at how far they've come, you guys!

- Stupid Shaw. I was seriously so mad when I learned he was returning. I was hoping we were rid of him forever the last time. To know he is some kind of mastermind hurts me a little. This is so NOT a Merry Christmas for me!

- Also, Shaw, that is *exactly* the way to treat an old boyfriend. And you are *not* the Intersect. Seriously. Bah humbug.

- I'm sorry, but I don't buy that Shaw has been smart enough to mastermind this entire thing. Not on his own. He's the guy who tells his enemy his entire plan. No one that dumb can also be that smart. But I do believe he's dastardly enough to take credit for someone else's genius.

- I'm going to start answering my phone "Hello, nerd" when certain people call. Only when I say it, it's a term of endearment, and there will be no condescension in my tone. Nerd is not a four letter word!

- Hey, according to Chris Fedak, Shaw's cell was a twelve-by-twelve. That's Shaw, though; always trying to compensate and seem even cooler. You sit on a throne of lies!

- I'm not going to lie, I was seriously hoping Chuck would choose to re-upload the Intersect, even for just a few minutes in this episode, to take down Shaw. But I know that technically that would be cheating. Or if not full-on cheating, certainly regressing. And the truth is, nowadays, he doesn't need the Intersect; he has skills and smarts unlike any other without it. His team is his strongest weapon.

- Oops, sorry, General Beckman, I mean your team is the strongest.

- Oh Lester, you need to learn to aim higher. But I am glad that Jeffster gets brought in on a mission, in their own way, even if (or perhaps especially because) they remain completely ignorant of their true importance.

- I need to find a real Buy More in my area because I couldn't find one non-white department store Santa. I appreciate the Buy More embracing diversity.

- Oh Chuck, you could never ruin Christmas. Not looking like that. The line to sit on your lap would be around the corner.

- It's cold in Castle, Sarah, because Shaw's icy, icy heart is cold.

- Hey, I know that voice changer! It had a featured role in Scream 3. Who's a better villain: Brandon Routh or Scott Foley? Informal poll time!

- Stan Lee playing himself playing a spy is kind of awesome, but I can't help but wonder who some of the other "Los Angeles spies" may be. I hope includes that as their next slideshow extra from the series.

- Oh, Mo Collins, always playing sloppy drunk and doing so hilariously. I'm surprised she doesn't have mistletoe glued under her jacket. Or actually, maybe she does. Thankfully we won't have to get that far and find out, though.

- I'm not sure why Shaw thinks reminding Sarah how much he knows about her-- all of her secrets-- will be a threat if he really believes he can win here. He won't need to hold secrets over her if he frames Chuck and kills Sarah, right? But the show knows Shaw can't win, so clearly it's more of a threat for the fans. Something is coming. Something that is bigger than anything originating in Shaw's feeble little mind.

- Casey, Casey, Casey; so big, so tough, and yet one bullet just took you down. Sadly, I fear this is a foreshadowing of events to come. This gunshot may be a flesh-wound; it may only put you out of commission temporarily, but you have become much more human of late, and therefore you are vulnerable. If someone is, in fact, not going to make it out of this series alive, my money is on you, big guy.

- Woo! General Beckman, you go, girl!

This is going to sound terrible, but I'm glad that Chuck respects Yvonne Strahovski as much as they do. A number of other shows wouldn't have put their female lead in a bra under that white tank top when the story called for it to get cold in there. Sorry, but it had to be pointed out.

- Oh, Shaw, a second call? You just got cocky. And cocky people make big mistakes. "Dear?" Do they live in the fifties? That's like a code word Sarah would use when things are going wrong. Way to seal your own ice-grave, buddy. (I'm not being sarcastic; I'm actually super happy about your idiocy. In case you can't tell; I hate you.)

- Aw, Morgan, this would be so touching if there wasn't a ticking clock lighting your fire. If there was no danger in the Buy More, you'd never be making the plea of family time and such. And where is your family? You don't seem to care nearly as much about your mom as Chuck cares about his sister.

- As fun as last week's Date Night mission with Ellie and Awesome was, I feel like this is the mission Ellie should have been brought in on. Shaw is personal for her, too, and I'd like to see her get her revenge. Even if her revenge is just one slap in the face after Chuck brings him down.

- I think the delirium has set in for Sarah...

- No, Jeff, a computer can't hold that information. But a brain can! ... ?

- Oh, Chuck, I just said that. We'd make such a good team!

- But seriously, why would anyone think a brain could hold more information than a computer? That's just stupid. Everyone knows our brains dump old memories/useless information when new stuff comes up. We have limited space in there, and once again Shaw is proving why he's actually not the best mastermind or villain in this show's history, simply by believing it. I can't wait to watch his head explode. Or at least his mind melt. Hopefully this will end not with a bullet but him being hauled off to the loony bin.

- If Shaw was smart, he'd try to strap those glasses on Chuck. That's how you incapacitate your enemy; you overload them. But Shaw is greedy and wants to be the superhero (heh). There has to be a name for this kind of complex. All I can think of is penis envy.

- If I didn't know for sure that Casey is in later episodes, I would think this good-bye to his daughter would be his final scene. But Chuck is never so cruel, even if they do like to try to surprise you when they can. Bleeding out and/or freezing to death in Castle is not the way to go out for this mentor and father-figure, though.

- Oh, man, don't hurt the teddy!

- "Practically" catching a bullet in your teeth is not doing so, Shaw. But nice one on the push-ups jab.

- A virus is a virus no matter what platform it attacks. I have no doubt that computer viruses are the wave of future for terrorism. I just want you all to know that now so that when it happens, I can say "I told you so." Though I'll have no proof since this website will undoubtedly be wiped out with said virus.

- Morgan, you're adorable. I don't believe you can lift Sarah, let alone a metal chair frozen solid to the ground.

- I hope Chuck has a good insurance policy for the Buy More so he can blame all this item damage on "looters."

- Yea, Ellie's back!! I like that I got my wish, but I like that she got her revenge even more.

- Every time I hear a character remind that Papa Bartowski is dead, I keep waiting for the "No, he's not" that never comes but certainly feels like it will follow. I keep hoping that his death was faked for protection or something. It feels weird to keep hearing about it otherwise. Scott Bakula has been freed up this whole fall after Men of a Certain Age was cancelled; it would have been nice to slip him back into the show one last time. I would even settle for it to be via flashback. But unless the gang at Chuck are really, really good liars, that, sadly, didn't happen. I guess it's a story best left for fan fiction anyway, where jumping the shark doesn't matter much...

- Oh yeah, Chuck, the CIA has nothing better to do than plan a party for one small family. Look, I know you and Beckman got close recently, but that's pushing your luck, don't you think?

- No mention of Mama Bartowski? It's the damn holidays!

- It's a good thing Alex liked that bear for sentimental reasons, not to collect a vintage toy. Because that thing has been through the ringer and is no longer worth anything out of the box, torn up, and probably speckled with her dad's blood.

- Oh's a Christmas miracle if Casey is endorsing Morgan!

- Come on, Jeff, take Lester back and take over the mic and perform a medley of Jeffster's favorite holiday hits! Pretty please? As a present to ME this holiday season?

- I'm sorry, but I don't remember the significance of that bracelet. I know I should. I'm terrible. But I'm imagining that Sarah's real present is that house with the red door, and that they'll move into it at the end of the series to fill it with two-point-five kids and a dog.

- The honesty between Sarah and Chuck is super poignant with the kissing, but those secrets Shaw teased earlier? I doubt she'll be as forthcoming with him about what those are. Especially considering she has kept them, well, secret this whole time... But with only a few episodes left, there is no time for trouble in paradise, so something tells me the places my imagination is going right now are only the worst case scenarios that could (maybe) play out if there were more seasons coming.

- I do not like that Shaw is, once again, "just" behind bars. He managed to escape from there just earlier this episode; have they learned nothing!? This is why the death penalty is a necessity, you guys, UGH! Then again, with only six episodes left, at least I can breathe easy knowing I'll never have to see him again. Right, Chris Fedak, RIGHT??

- My first thought when Shaw said "baby?" Sarah could have, at one point, been pregnant with Shaw's kid. And then I promptly followed up with "Well, I'd abort his baby, too." Then I immediately thought it was just code for something else-- something that Sarah did and Shaw knows about and can use to harm her standing with her new husband, her new friends, maybe even the CIA. But seeing the "next on" promo proves neither of those things are right. Still, I don't believe that is her baby (though it is cute!). I don't believe there can be a Sarah Walker off-spring floating out there in the world and not have dire consequences too big to wrap up as quickly as this series will require. Even if Chuck is the best guy in the world and doesn't care about the baby daddy or the lie, it would drastically change the way their lives moves going forward. Nikita is already doing that anyway. I also don't believe Sarah could have had a kid years ago, even if it died back then, and still had the same reactions she has had to domestic situations we've seen play out in her present-- getting together with Chuck, his own love of family, Baby Clara being born, etc. So as of right now, I honestly can't figure out how they're going to tell this "baby" story satisfactorily. But I shouldn't stress too much about it now, right? After all, there's a whole week to go before I'll get my answers, and it is the holidays, a time for relaxation.

... Maybe I should just go re-listen to the interviews I did on the set during the finale to try to get more clues, though. Happy freakin' holidays!

** I do have to admit, though, I feel a little bad for those fans going into this episode having seen all of the NBC promos for it. When I received my screener for the episode, I had no idea what was going to happen or which special guest stars were going to pop up. And that made the viewing experience immensely enjoyable. I'm curious to find out if knowing too much took some of the impact out. Weigh in in the comments below!

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