Friday, December 30, 2011

Tonight's TV Talk: Live Blogging "Chuck vs The Baby"...

TV Talk for Friday, December 30th 2011

Chuck (NBC, 8pm) - S5, Ep8: "Chuck vs The Baby"

- Stupid Shaw. I know that "what you missed" happens before every episode, but I didn't need to see his stupid face again. Ruined my Christmas and almost my New Year's!

- Mothers. Always leaving needy voicemails at the worst possible time, amIright?

- Man, I almost forgot how bad-ass Sarah was before Chuck. Her handler's not even back-up at this point. He's just the get-away driver, and yet she's able to take out all eleven guys. The element of surprise certainly helps, but there's a lot to be said for being so independent because you've only ever been able to rely on yourself. When you have a crutch, you'll use it, and ultimately, it will weaken you to the point where you have to use it.

- I could not be more glad that Chuck didn't go the Nikita route with the baby, but at the same time, technically it's still in Sarah's life if it's in her mother's life (I assume as much from the promos), so I worry a bit about how she's been able to just shut off her emotions for the past five years and not even be triggered by Ellie's baby or her own wedding and husband's interest in someday having a family. Sarah's come a long way, but it feels a little like cheating that we (or at least she) didn't have this backstory to draw on and seed in her performance in previous episodes.

- Ha, Chuck shops at Anthropologie. That's worse than Pottery Barn.

- I am a little worried about Chuck these days. He gets super panicky and desperate, almost pleading, any time he wants information from Sarah. It's not like she's being suddenly secretive; she's always kept things close to her chest. And desperate and pleading is not a good color on any man, let alone her husband or fellow spy. It's the kind of behavior that, if on-going, would be grounds for divorce in my household. Nut up, bud!


- No, Sarah, unfortunately the less "John" knows, the better chance he has of getting hit. But nice touch on pulling rank on him by using his first name. Way to cut off his cajones.

- Maybe it's because Tim DeKay is currently on White Collar with Bryce Larkin, aka Matt Bomer, but I don't trust his character already, handler or not. Government officials are always corrupt. He just looks like a guy who would want to sell a baby on the black market for selfish gain.

- Really, are you going to shoot a baby, Tim DeKay?

- You're not over-reacting, Chuck; you just need to react in a lower register.

- Aw, and those two guys bought her flimsy excuse? Man, Sarah really has been the brains of their team this whole time.

- So...where's the Awesomes' baby?

- This is the most awkward not-double date ever.

- I think Casey is coming a bit unhinged, but it just seems fitting. Before he knew he had a daughter, Sarah was like his daughter, so of course he's going to do whatever he can to protect her.

- What is that? It's a recording, Sarah; same as you duped him with years earlier. Duh. It's been five years; did you really think the baby wouldn't grow up?

- Wait, Sarah's mom knows what she really does for a living? Then isn't she already in danger? Regardless of dumping this kid on her or not?

- Okay, it's kind of hard to call Sarah the brains of any operation after falling for the baby doll and tape recorder fake-out. I would say it's because emotions got involved that her judgement faltered, but really...I think they just needed to go into the break with her in danger and couldn't think of anything sensical and complex.

- If I were you, Tim DeKay, I would have done my research on Sarah before taking her hostage. You already got one major thing wrong about her past, and you didn't even bother to check into her present? That's just sloppy. I feel like these villains are getting worse and worse, which makes sense because it makes it more believable that non-intersect Chuck can take them down so easily, but it makes it more implausible and ridiculous for the scope of the show.

- Okay, Ellie and Awesome need a web spin-off. Like now.

- Sorry, I love Morgan, and I know he wasn't "himself," but breaking up via text? Really a dick move and not something I would feel good about advising anyone to forgive and forget.

- I really felt like there was still going to be a "but" coming at the end of Sarah's "I want to tell you everything" to Chuck. But since the show slammed into a flashback, I guess not. I also appreciate that we're actually allowed to see what she's sharing with him, rather than just watching her tell him. Though I do hope we get to come out of the flashback to see some of Chuck's reactions. It's that kind of emotional work that layers a show like this.

- I know it's completely impossible, but I wish this baby stuff happened fifteen years ago so we could see her getting prom and soccer and whatever normal stuff now.

- How do you not know you have a bug in your hair!? I felt a fly get stuck in my ponytail while working in the desert once and freaked out. I didn't stop shaking my hair out until I was sure I had pushed it out, and then I still squished it to make sure it couldn't fly back in. And an electronic mug is thicker and heavier.

- Aw, that kid is cute. Too bad she's about to have her life uprooted.

- I was kind of hoping Cheryl Ladd would have been on the other end of holding that gun. It's been awhile since we've gotten to see her kick some ass. Though the music seemed oddly reminiscent...

- Wow, is that house made of paper? Maybe it's not a bad thing to uproot that kid.

- I am really glad that Sarah got to finish this one alone, even though she still has a team to help her. This was her fight, and if Chuck had rushed in at the last minute to save her, it would have felt a little like cheating. She has buried so much emotionally, and she has given up so much, in part because of this guy, that she really needs this closure. I'm sure having it doesn't solve all of the problems, but it's satisfying nonetheless.

- Is it just me or did anyone else feel/fear Rex was bugged, too?

- It seriously bums me out how hard this episode has been on Sarah's independence. It's not good to close yourself off if you don't have to, but being in the CIA, you kind of have to. And being independent in general is not something we should worry about but rather something we should hope our daughters grow up to be. She didn't get soccer games or prom, but she got something a whole lot more meaningful: self-confidence and self-esteem. She was a leader, never a joiner. I hope the same for her little "sister." Just maybe without all the guns and stuff.

- You really don't know him at all, Mama Walker; Sarah gave Chuck this. Not the other way around.

- I will never not laugh out-loud when I see that photo from Chuck's CIA file.

- This house keeps coming back. If they don't own it by the end of the series, I'm going to be pissed about a lack of pay-off. Especially now that they carved their names so damn big in the wall. And I want it to be filled with kids, even if they're of the canine kind for the time being. In fact, I'm going to put it out there now that I want the series to end with a flash into the future, maybe five years or so (because ten might not be super believable), to see that they're still somewhat involved in the spy life but that they have their family, too. If anyone can have it all, I believe it's these two. Also, Mr. & Mrs. Smith made it work so...

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