Friday, December 16, 2011

Tonight's TV Talk: Live-Blogging 'Chuck'...

Tonight's TV Talk for Friday, December 16th 2011

Chuck (NBC, 8pm) - S5, Ep6: "Chuck vs The Curse"

- I love casual Chuck. His hoodie makes him seem like that youthful kid we met in the pilot again. I just want to make him hot cocoa and tuck him into bed.

- Morgan and Casey teaming up, for anything, is always a good time. If this series doesn't end with Casey giving Alex his blessing to get back together with Morgan, it will be a major fail in my mind. Chuck and Morgan have had parallel situations in season one and season five, respectively, and Chuck got his girl, so so should Morgan.

- General Beckman is my favorite Chuck character. There I said it. Bonita Friedericy doesn't get nearly enough love.

- Who gave Alex a gun!?

- Is it just me or did anyone else assume Rebecca Romijn wasn't wearing anything under that jacket? She walked in with the authority of a stripper undercover, and honestly, it was so skin-tight I can't figure how anything could have fit under it anyway. Sorry, but as far as a final season supervillain goes? She's not cutting it for me.

- So many allusions to Chuck's family so far. I hope the series doesn't end with Chuck and Sarah going on the run. Not unless they can take the usual suspects with them.

- So when I joked in my preview for this episode that Ellie and Awesome were going to have a Date Night style adventure-- well, it looks like I was being more literal than I intended. Though I have to say I'm kind of glad we didn't endure a shirtless Steve Carrell torture scene. I had my fill of that in The 40 Year Old Virgin.

- OMG I am totally making my own P.A.N.T.S! What to put in it!? I mean, they're supposed to be "secret" so I guess I can't tell you anyway, but now I feel the need to climb into the back of my closet and dig out random crap. What a way to spend a Friday night, right?

- I'm a little worried about Awesome and Ellie. I know they're new parents and all and in need of a little excitement, but role-playing as your brother/brother-in-law and sister-in-law? A liiiittle creepy. Even if your brother/brother-in-law and sister-in-law are super cool spies.

- Okay, you win; I'll check out OpenTable! There's an App for that, right?

- Seriously, did I mention Beckman is my fave?

- Alex has always been cool, but she may be out of Morgan's league. She has taken to the deception and weapon-wielding so quickly. Maybe that really is in the blood.

- Oh look, neither Ellie nor Rebecca Romijn are wearing undergarments. Greaaat.

- Sarah, I like your car. What is that? I'm in the market for something sporty and two-door and stealth.

- Aw, poor Awesome. For a doctor, he's such a simpleton. Massage chairs and wine? They're not guests at the CIA! They're hostages.

- The line about the Omen should have been "It's my brain!" But that would have been insanely impossible and kind of ridiculous. But it would have made me giggle in a tense situation.

- It's a slippery slope, Awesome; please don't find yourself only being turned on when you and your wife are in dangerous situations. You are not Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

- Ellie didn't plan for the back-up generator!? She was always the "thinking" Bartowski!

- That moment where Ellie clanged into the pipe-- what WAS that? I seriously can't tell...

- Ooh, some bad blood between Robin and Sarah? That would have been fun to explore. Was she a fallen CAT Squad member at one time? I wish we had gotten more interaction with them-- more squaring off between Sarah and yet another strong woman. Those are always super fun.

- WHAT'S IN THE BOX?? That has to be an extra on the website, right? Or at least the (eventual) DVD? I need to know! I feel like it will give us the best possible insight into a character we think we've gotten to know so well.

- I'm just going to say it: there are certain people to whom I'd like to "gift" the Omen of late.

I'm not going to lie: I'm glad the Omen virus is sticking around for a little while longer. Hands down, I think *it* (not the man who created it) is the best villain this show has ever seen. It's the best villain any show has ever seen. Because it's what we actually fear the most right now. How could terrorists actually hurt us? Cut us off from each other. That will cause the panic that leads to us turning on each other on our own, distracting us from even seeing the second strike coming. In the world of Chuck, though, the Omen gives more characters a chance to get involved in the spy world in a new way, or at least one last time, before the series ends. However, if Chuck and Sarah are going to make it work and be together in the end (and forever, even when they're no longer on our screens), he can't keep going ahead of her on missions, just leaving her to come in and clean up the mess at the end. She had every right to be annoyed on the drive to save his (and Ellie and Awesome)'s butts. Again. I know they needed to bring the show full circle back to the first season where Chuck was so worried about turning into his dad, but they always work better when they're a team all the way through!

I fear saying too much more because I've actually already seen next week's episode, and it's so chock full of spoilers, I don't want to ruin it for anyone. Though I guess the NBC promo department already did a good job of that on their own with their "Next On." So stay tuned, because it may be the start of Christmas weekend next Friday, but that should just mean we all have time to unwind with our televisions. Grab your family and gather 'round the TV (and this blog, as I'll be live-commenting on the episode again). Just don't assume you'll relax too much; it's going to be an intense ride to the finish!


Janet said...

Really enjoyed the live blogging. So time to edit. Plus, your comment about the Omen being the best villain is awesome. Shaw & Victor were great villains..but the Omen is so much more menacing. Looking forward to your live blogging next week, too.

Mopsy said...

Love the live blogging.

Beckman has always been my favourite character too, she is awesome and tiny!

Totally making a P.A.N.T.S. box too.