Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I'm Excited For In 2012...

2011 went fast. I mean really, really fast. Sometimes I wake up and feel like the summer is right around the corner because it certainly doesn't feel like I already experienced it. Yet as much as I find myself trying to look backwards-- to remember and at least recall-- I can't help but look ahead, to all of the good things to come in the new year.

Smash. Though I've already seen the pilot (closing in on five times, but by February I may have broken my previous record for pre-air screenings, which Once Upon A Time currently holds), every time I see that same old "Beautiful" promo, I get chills. This series promises to be everything I hoped glee would be, without the nuisance of having teenage protagonists. This was my favorite pilot to come out of upfronts this year, and though I was bummed to learn I'd have to wait until mid-season to get to see it, I think it will prove to be a smart move for the show. They've had the time to pour into their stories, their musical numbers, and their production value. No making it up on the spot for them! Prepare for an award-worthy story arc every week. Good things really do come to those who wait...

The Hunger Games. I've never been excited for a movie franchise; I've never done the whole tent city thing to make sure I not only have first show tickets but also prime seats. I very rarely even do the whole midnight screening thing. But this is one movie that I am more than willing to stand in line in the dark of night to see, even if simply to see if it lives up to the hype. I very rarely enjoy movies made from books I've loved, preferring, instead, the images my imagination could conjure up, but also disliking the liberties filmmakers often take in order to make the project "theirs" and work within the confines of budget and technology. So there's a lot riding on this one come March 23 2012!

The return of 30 Rock. Some of you may be surprised I didn't add Cougar Town to this list, seeing as how much of a cul-de-sac crew kick I was on in the spring, but in truth I fear it's over-hype will let me down. Between sticking its cast in cameo roles on just about every other ABC show, and its creators going on and on on Twitter about still hating their title and now also hating the waiting game, not to mention the fact that the references they infused into scripts while shooting this fall may have an air of yesterday's news by the time the episodes actually make it to my television screen, well, I think I might be disappointed by season three. I hope not, but in its absence, some of the luster has worn off as I've only been able to watch behind-the-scenes antics instead of new episodes. 30 Rock has given us none of that, so I imagine the extra time they've had to focus on the show has been to make it even better and brighter than before. I know I have certainly missed Tina Fey's commentary on what is going on in the world of entertainment, and with her pal Donald Glover's show being benched, not to mention the change in green lighting trends, I know she will give us something snarky and awesome.

The Bourne Legacy. I really, really loved the trilogy, and I'm curious to see if another chapter, with a new guy in the director's chair, and a new guy at the center, can capture the same genius both in stunts an story. Plus I like Jeremy Renner (The Unusuals 4eva!!), and I'm thrilled, even if still a little surprised, to see just how big his star has blown up.

Whatever Stephen King writes next. He has a habit (at least in the last few years) of releasing a book in the fourth quarter of the year, the perfect stocking stuffer I give to myself and a way to end the year (at least creatively) on a high. I've come to depend on it, to anticipate it, to get lost in it. His books are all about the journey, not the destination, which is a lesson that works best at that time of year, but really, is something we should remember all throughout the year.

The end of the world. Look, after countless movies and television shows dealing with apocalypses (apocalypi?), I'm curious. And I have a pretty cool aftermath plan. You know, assuming I'm one of the lone survivors, and if those movies or television shows have taught me anything, it has taught me I most likely will be. I am, after all, the star of my own story.

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