Friday, December 9, 2011

Zachary Levi Lends Himself To #SaveCommunity Without Even Trying...

This week was a sad one for both Chuck and Community fans. For the former, the show's cast and crew wrapped production on Wednesday, while for the latter, the show aired its final episode of 2011...with no return date in sight.

"I genuinely think Community is great. I don’t watch that much television, but that is one of the shows I watch. Part of the reason why is I think Community has a lot of similarities to Chuck, really in a sense that it’s unique; it’s character-driven; but all of their episodes are just so different. That episode where they’re all over at the apartment and they roll the dice-- I mean, I love stuff like that! As a comic book fan, as a video game fan, just as entertainment, I love the idea-- philosophically-- 'What if I didn’t walk up here five minutes ago and start doing this because I was talking to somebody else and I got hit by a car? Oh my God!' But that happened in some alternate, split reality, right? And the fact that they decided to tackle that in a half an hour, which is really twenty-two minutes, of a comedy…was great. I dig that. I want to support stuff like that," Chuck series star Zachary Levi shared.

Surely it was his influence that inspired the cameos in tonight's episode. He was the director, after all.

Both shows have similar sensibilities, both on-screen and off, and that's why so many of their fans are the same. Though it wasn't intentional, this week's Chuck ended up giving Community quite a poetic send-off. "Chuck vs The Hack Off," an episode that was originally supposed to air a week earlier had it not been for the pushed back premiere date, featured not one but TWO Community star cameos "suiting up" to work at the Buy More (well, three if you count Derek Mears aka Kickpuncher). Danny Pudi, Greendale's Abed Nadir, was a hired gun that Morgan (Joshua Gomez) brought in to light a fire under Lester (Vik Sahay)'s butt to get himself out of trouble and back to the Buy More, while Yvette Nicole Brown, Greendale's Shirley Bennett, donned the infamous green polo as a saleswoman with her eye on the new guy. But the savvy fans noticed an important correlation between characters: if not for their time in community college, perhaps Abed and Shirley really would be stocking shelves at an electronics super store.

Now that Chuck has wrapped, though, opportunities are zero that Community characters could find other work in Burbank, but Community still has half a season to finish (most likely to resume airing in the spring). Ryan McPartlin already popped up in a surprise cameo as a former Greendale student in an "awesome" recruitment video, but surely the rest of the cast has time to head on over and enroll in a class or two, right?

Here are my pitches for who should pop up on Community and how.

So why not start at the top with Levi himself? He may be trying to "take over the world" with The Nerd Machine, but in between that reading scripts for his next film or television project, he's got a few minutes, right?

"One of the things that's great about having the weight of my own show is now popping over to other shows for a fun little cameo here or there," he admitted.

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