Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ABC TCA Talk: Premiere Dates for 'Scandal' & 'Apartment 23'; 'The River', 'GCB', and 'Scandal' Previews...

"ABC announces premiere dates for Scandal & Apt 23 but where's Cougar Town?"

During ABC's TCA press tour this morning, President of Entertainment for the network Paul Lee talked in detail with critics about his new spring series, as well as the elephant in the room: where is Cougar Town? ... [MORE]

"ABC TCA Talk: The River producers & Oren Peli preview their scary new drama"

While some network choose to run the same tired, old formula TV into the ground, others, like ABC, take chances, risks, and "big swings" with inventive concepts and highly stylized imagery. There is no new series that speaks to his more than The River. Coming from Dreamworks and Oren Peli, The River follows a fictional documentary crew as they travel into the Amazon to hunt for a missing adventurer, husband, and father. But what they find is much more along the lines of Paranormal Activity than anything you would see on the Discovery Channel... [MORE]

"ABC TCA Talk: Leslie Bibb, Marisol Nichols, Kristin Chenoweth, more preview GCB'"

GCB may not fully bring back the primetime soap opera to ABC (because, really, with Desperate Housewives living on the network for the past almost-decade, that genre hasn't been missing), but it may just revitalize it. Based on a book of the same name written by a woman who creator Robert Harling called the "real deal," GCB will explore a very specific pocket of Southern culture in a funny but still poignant way... [MORE]

"ABC TCA Talk: Kerry Washington, Judy Smith, & Tony Goldwyn preview Scandal"

When Shonda Rhimes heard about Judy Smith potentially being interested in working with "Shondaland" to develop a show based on her life as a "fixer," she was reluctant at first because she didn't want to do another TV show. But she agreed to take a fifteen minute meeting and "immediately saw one hundred episodes of television" in front of her. But it may prove to be a long road to one hundred, as ABC is only going to roll out seven episodes of their new political PR drama, Scandal, in its first season starting on the alphabet network this spring... [MORE]

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