Friday, January 13, 2012

CW TCA Talk: Interviews with Shane West, Joseph Morgan, Jared Padalecki, Wilson Bethel, & Kris Polaha...

"CW TCA Talk: Shane West on why Owen and Nikita can never be together"

Maybe as a series star of Nikita Shane West has an added interested in the relationships on the show than most. But he is a thinking actor, and his reasoning behind why his Michael and Maggie Q's Nikita have to find their way back to each other is based on both the character and story points that the show has already set up, not simply a desire to play the romantic lead. It may be some time before the show brings "Mikita," as they are known in the fandom, back together, though, and West wanted to make one thing very clear when LA TV Insider Examiner had a chance to catch up with him in Los Angeles again: whatever happens in their separation, Nikita cannot be with Owen (Devon Sawa)... [MORE]

"The Vampire Diaries' Joseph Morgan on "tender" Klaus, fear, & love??"

The Vampire Diaries star Joseph Morgan raised quite a few eyebrows at The CW's TCA panel for their "Bad Ass Boys" earlier today when he insinuated that Klaus may not be as hardened or deliciously evil (as we like to put it!) as he appears, even though the lead-in to that statement was to call Klaus a sociopath. It was such an intriguing statement, and one that we couldn't help but wonder if it veiled a spoiler, that we had to ask him to elaborate further on what to expect from this "new" Klaus who may have lost part of the upper hand to Stefan (Paul Wesley) and is striking up deals with his once-enemies... [MORE]

"Q&A: Supernatural's Jared Padalecki previews clowns, shirtless Dean, crazy Sam"

Look, we know this Q&A with Supernatural star Jared Padalecki is long. We know attention spans are short these days. But when you have a chance to sit down with such a beloved actor on such a creative show, you can't cut his words short when he has so much to share about grieving a father figure's death, working with favorite returning guest stars, driving down the "crazy" road for his character, and of course, the possibility of love and/or shirtless scenes to come on-screen. So all we will say is enjoy the Supernatural scoop! ... [MORE]

"Wilson Bethel says Hart of Dixie is “hard out there for a pimp”

Though fans of Hart of Dixie have really been charmed by Wade Kinsella and his portrayer, Wilson Bethel, he’s still getting a bit of the cold shoulder from Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson). She may have feelings for him deep down, but outwardly she projects an image of annoyance with him more often than not. When we had a chance to sit down with Bethel in Los Angeles this week we had to ask him if that changes any time soon... [MORE]

"Ringer’s Kristoffer Polaha: “Siobhan’s return upsets everything, Henry is lost"

“When we come back, we’re six weeks down the road…the world of Ringer is established that Gemma’s dead, the mourning process has begun, you’re in it. You’ll see Henry grieve, and that’s part of his initial [welcome] back,” Ringer co-star Kristoffer Polaha previewed for LA TV Insider Examiner when we sat down with him in Los Angeles earlier this week... [MORE]

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