Sunday, January 8, 2012

FOX TCA Talk: 'Touch', 'Fringe', 'Alcatraz', 'Napoleon Dynamite', and 'Breaking In'...

Touch is a beautiful new drama that circles the globe, featuring characters from all walks of life and how they connect when you least expect it. At the center is a father and son whose job it appears to be to make sure no one misses the connections. We will have an advance review soon, but it's a big, dramatic concept full of a lot of mythology, so we attended FOX' TCA tour today to get the scoop on the show from those behind it... [MORE]

"Danielle Dishes: Fringe “Back to Where You’ve Never Been” spoilers"

The first episode of the new year for Fringe is the one LA TV Insider Examiner was on set for way back in October. And now that we have seen it, we have to admit, we fully understand why the actors were having such a hard time talking about it. The truth is, it’s hard to say anything about “Back to Where You’ve Never Been” without giving too much away. But we’re going to try! ... [MORE]

"FOX TCA Talk: Jack Bender and Jorge Garcia preview Alcatraz"

Alcatraz’ executive producer Jack Bender told LA TV Insider Examiner that he is always “attracted to shows that are either left of center or right of center but nothing straight down the middle.” His newest offering is certainly that! Alcatraz deals with a group of investigators looking into the sudden re-emergence of the prison’s inmates-- who no one even knew had disappeared back in the ‘60s... [MORE]

"VIDEO: Jon Heder, Tina Majorino & Efren Ramirez preview Napoleon Dynamite"

It’s been half a dozen years since Napoleon Dynamite swept audiences away with his “sweet skills,” but he is back to make nerd and stoner girls swoon all alike once again with FOX’ new animated comedy. The entire original cast has reassembled for this project, and though they may be older, wiser, and more Hollywood savvy these days, they shared that their characters were the same high school weirdoes we fell in love with the first time around... [MORE]

"FOX TCA Talk: Megan Mullally and Adam F. Goldberg preview Breaking In"

It's been a long and bumpt ride for FOX' half-hour comedy Breaking In. Though the show was initially cancelled, the executives at the network had a change of heart-- ironically right when Christian Slater had just moved back to the east coast. He joked today at FOX' TCA tour that he felt like Tinkerbell, needing that belief from the audience that the show could live, and wouldn't you know it? Enough people believed, but perhaps not that it could be a hit as-was... [MORE]

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