Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From LA Examiner: ABC Family Girls Erica Dasher & Vanessa Marano Interviews + ABC's Carly Chaikin from 'Suburgatory'...

"Erica Dasher lives two lives on ABC Family’s Jane By Design"

You don’t know Erica Dasher yet, but you will! The fresh-faced newcomer won the role of the titular Jane, a high school student who takes a job at a high-powered fashion house, on ABC Family’s newest one-hour drama, Jane By Design, and almost immediately the actor and the character fused as one. Is it a case of life imitating art or the other way around? Or perhaps it is just kismet: Dasher so fit the role instantaneously and innately (Jane is a bit of a klutz, and Dasher shared she had to shoot the whole pilot on a broken ankle after she got so excited upon hearing she got the role that she fell down some steps), it was like slipping on a dress tailor-made for her. A couture dress, surely... [MORE]

"Vanessa Marano talks Switched at Birth character & couple changes"

Much like her Switched at Birth character of Bay Kennish, actress Vanessa Marano is a spitfire. She’s energetic, intelligent, and always has a lot to say, whether you catch her at a Hollywood event or grab a few minutes with her on the phone. So many young stars come out of a publicity machine that teaches them only to answer questions about their projects in short, pre-planned sentences, never giving too much substance away. Thankfully Marano prefers to tell it like it is, and these days she’s telling us about the back half of the first season of her ABC Family drama, Switched at Birth... [MORE]

"Suburgatory’s Carly Chaikin previews Dalia/Tessa bonding...and boy trouble"

Suburgatory’s Dalia (Carly Chaikin) is quite the colorful character. With her uber-blonde hair and shockingly pink clothes and accessories, she certainly knows how to stand out among the polo shirts and khakis of Chatswin. Her recent penchant for party-planning is also a way to set herself apart; very few teenagers manage to find their calling and actually get to run with it at such a young age. But we are about to see a much different side to Dalia-- a side that isn’t completely confident and successful-- when she attempts to get her driver’s license in Suburgatory’s next episode, “Driving Miss Dalia"... [MORE]

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