Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Alcatraz' Mystery From Parminder Nagra; 'Archer' Secrets Revealed; 'Cougar Town' Returns; 'Southland' & 'Hart of Dixie' Spoilers...

"Q&A: Parminder Nagra on her mysterious Alcatraz twist"

At first it seemed Parminder Nagra might be relegated to fourth fiddle in FOX’ Alcatraz. Relegated to the paperwork, so to speak, in the pilot episode, we had to imagine that such an esteemed television actress such as her wouldn’t take a role small in weight, even if short on screen-time. The moment she stepped out into the field, so to speak, in the second episode, it became abundantly clear she was going to have a bigger presence, but it wasn’t until the “twist” ending of the episode, when we learned that not only was she actually a target for the newly returned inmate but that it was because she knew him way back when—four decades ago in 1963-- when he was housed on the island that he ultimately disappeared on. And just like him, she hasn’t aged a day. Or at least she is a perfect copy of a woman from way back when. So, um, which will it turn out to be? And unlike her work on ER where her role was entirely fleshed out almost immediately, when we had a chance to catch up with Nagra on the phone last week, she was candid to share most of her first season arc is still a mystery-- even to her... [MORE]

"Adam Reed brings Archer to life in a book; kills a beloved character off show"

It’s a big, important week for Archer! Not only does the acclaimed FX comedy return with its third season on Thursday, but the man, the myth, the legend, Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) himself, can officially call himself an author now, too. “How To Archer: The Ultimate Guide to Espionage and Style and Women and Also Cocktails Ever Written” is in stores and online retailers as of January 17th 2012. And if you thought Sterling would never be a willing participant in anything as serious or time-consuming as writing, well, you thought right! ... [MORE]

"Cougar Town to premiere its third season on... "

Well, we were wrong on the how, but we're certainly glad the "when" is sooner than anticipated! ABC announced today that Cougar Town will back on televisions as of Tuesday, February 14th at 8:30pm. Grab your vino and celebrate Valentine's Day with an old married couple (Ellie and and Andy), a soon-to-be-married couple (Jules and Grayson), and a couple of singles always guaranteeing a good time (Laurie and Travis)... [MORE]

"Southland’s Ben McKenzie & Shawn Hatosy on having fun & making mistakes in S4"

“This is basically what our new season has been like,” Southland series star Shawn Hatosy previewed for LA TV Insider Examiner during a conference call just last month. “We just get in front of the camera and try to have as much fun as possible"... [MORE]

"Danielle Dishes: Hart of Dixie “Hell’s Belles” spoilers"

When we took to Twitter to find out what you Hart of Dixie fans wanted to know about its first episode of the new year, “Hell’s Belles,” we never intended to focus so heavily on the character of Wade Kinsella (Wilson Bethel). But hey, if that’s what the fans want to know, that is what information we will provide! We can’t really blame you; he has been a break-out for us in the show, as well, and that little tease we provided (courtesy of Bethel) about what’s upcoming for Wade and Zoe was, well, just a tease, after all! ... [MORE]

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