Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From LA Examiner: The 'Community' Flash Mob; Zachary Levi Reflects on 'Chuck'; 'Ringer' Love Story Preview; 'Gossip Girl' Hits 100...

"The Los Angeles Community flash mob in retrospect"

When we first spoke with Catherine Boyd, the organizer of the New York Community flash mob, she very honestly told us that she was not involved in the Los Angeles one in any other way than to help spread the word because she believes so passionately in the show. She wanted to get as many people to turn out to show their support, as well, but being a musician based out of the east coast, she had no plans at that time to do anything more than Facebook and Tweet and perhaps reach out to some local L.A. musicians to get involved since “Baby Boomer Santa,” the song selected for the L.A. flash mob was an extremely difficult one. But boy, how fast things can change in this little business called show, are we right? Because last Thursday, January 19th, when fifty or so Community fans (most from California but some as Brazil!) gathered outside the NBC offices in Universal City, Boyd was among them... [MORE]

"Zachary Levi reflects on five seasons of Chuck"

For the last five years, Zachary Levi has gotten to go to work everyday and play a superhero of sorts. Chuck Bartowski started out a seemingly normal guy who was smarter than most but kind of direction-less when it came towards life outside of video games. He could do anything—he could save the world-- but he hadn’t been challenged to do so yet. And then all of a sudden he received a surprise email from an old college friend-- an email that would change his life, introduce him to the love of his life, and show him his true capabilities. In many ways, his character might have been a perfect parallel to Levi’s own life. Having co-starred on a sitcom prior to landing the leading role on Chuck, Levi had not truly tapped into his own full potential in Hollywood—or on the world. But what the show was about to unfold for him was just how great his reach could be. Let’s all just be thankful he has chosen to use his power for good! Here Levi opens up about his time on Chuck, reflecting on everything from meeting his partner-in-virtual-crime Joshua Gomez, to where he wants to go from here... [MORE]

"Ringer EPs break down their dual love stories & pity for Siobhan??"

"There’s a lot of umbrellas that the second half of the season fall under. One of the big umbrellas is Bridget and Andrew’s burgeoning relationship. Another umbrella is Siobhan and Henry salvaging their relationship," Ringer executive producer Eric Charmelo previewed during a special screening of their mid-season return episode "It Just Got Normal" in Los Angeles today... [MORE]

"The road to 100: Gossip Girl EPs preview "G.G."

"It’s a big deal. It’s emotional! I mean, it’s very, very hard to get to 100 episodes. You know, The O.C. got to 93 episodes; Chuck got to a heartbreaking 91 episodes. 100 episodes, in our industry, is considered kind of a standard of success-- of achievement-- so to be able to get there, especially on a serial drama, especially on a show about young people, especially on a cycle where there was a writer’s strike, it’s a big deal,” Gossip Girl executive producer Stephanie Savage said during a special advance screening of his 100th episode, "G.G." in Los Angeles earlier today... [MORE]

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