Sunday, January 15, 2012

From LA Examiner: FX TCA News & Notes; 2012 Golden Globe Winners + Red Carpet Gallery...

"FX TCA Talk: News & Notes on Wilfred, Justified, Archer, AHS, more"

FX Productions and FX Network believes greatly that "there is no box" when it comes not only to creativity, but also rules and formulas. Their programming doesn't stifle its talent, nor the audience, so why should their TCA presentation? Though the bi-annual TCAs in Los Angeles are set up to introduce journalists and critics to the new shows coming in the fall and in the mid-season, FX breaks tradition and always includes returning shows in their slate of panels held throughout the day. Perhaps it is because they still have so few original series-- or perhaps simply that they have such high quality ones-- that they want to be diligent about reminding critics they are there, but we're personally glad they do. So in keeping with the idea of breaking free of a regimented formula, we are presenting the News & Notes from FX' TCA session held earlier today in one easy round-up right here... [MORE]

Homeland, Downton Abbey, Modern Family take top 2012 Golden Globes honors"

The Golden Globes are our second favorite awards show, second only to the Emmys. And let’s face it, the Golden Globes would come out ahead if they focused more on the television categories. Any show that is willing to take a chance on new nominees and doesn’t take themselves seriously enough not to allow their talent to eat and drink in the ballroom is a winner in our book. So it was a pleasure to wrap up a long, long week of television coverage from the TCAs with this celebration. And you know what? The selection of winners made it worth while, too! ... [MORE]

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