Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From LA Examiner: Gabriel Mann Teases 'Revenge'; 'The Big Bang Theory' Celebrates 100; 'Touch' Advance Review; Michael Trevino Out of 'Vampire Diaries

"Q&A: Catching up with Gabriel Mann of Revenge"

Last we caught up with Gabriel Mann, we had only seen the pilot for Revenge, and in it he seemed to be almost the villain of the show with the way he was the antagonist to Emily (Emily VanCamp), a young woman we may not always understand but whom we can’t quite help but root for. We also thought that since the show featured a lot of young, sexy people in a sleek summertime setting there would be ample room for hook-ups and wild antics. And while we weren’t wrong on that account, we did severely underestimate Nolan-- and the show in general-- by assuming Mann would be making out with a different girl every week... [MORE]

"VIDEO: The Big Bang Theory cast reflects on 100 episodes"

One hundred episodes of television really is a milestone these days, where shows get pulled from schedules if they under-perform after only their first three. It’s rate that a show is given a chance to actually find its footing-- and its audience-- on-air. Then again, it’s rare when a show comes out of the gate already knowing exactly what it is, rather than what it will evolve into. The Big Bang Theory, when it premiered five years ago, was one that knew exactly who its characters were and what it wanted to poke fun at in the world. It’s strong (and different!) point of view had fans of all ages flocking to it, and just last week the stars and behind-the-scenes talent alike celebrated their 100th episode taping... [MORE]

"Mid-Season Preview: FOX’ Touch"

You may have heard the buzz: Kiefer Sutherland is returning to FOX as a man who saves the world (again)! But Touch is unlike anything you’ve ever seen Sutherland, let alone television, take on... [MORE]

"Michael Trevino teases Tyler's Vampire Diaries quest for forgiveness & freedom"

The Vampire Diaries' Tyler (Michael Trevino) has the worst luck, doesn't he? It wasn't bad enough that he was a werewolf in love with a vampire, but then Klaus (Joseph Morgan) went and snapped his neck, making him a hybrid forever indebted to him. He finally got up the nerve to actually tell Caroline (Candice Accola) he loved her, and then, compelled by Klaus, he bit her. He couldn't even bring himself to offer her his blood, in so much shock over how little control he actually had over his actions. But Trevino doesn't want fans to count Tyler out just yet... [MORE]

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