Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Happy Endings' Photo Previews; 'Napoleon Dynamite' in LA; Katie Leclerc Picks a Team; 'Are You There, Chelsea' Advance Review

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Megan Mullally & Michael McKean, Happy Endings' hot new couple"

Megan Mullally is coming back to Happy Endings, and this time she's bringing a friend. Yes, Penny Hartz (Casey Wilson)'s thrice-divorced mom has some new man-candy attached at her the form of Dave (Zachary Knighton)'s father. That news isn't so ah-mah-zing, huh? Well, at least not for Dave... [MORE]

"Napoleon Dynamite sound-a-like contest coming to Los Angeles!"

Remember back when Napoleon Dynamite first hit theaters and everyone started adding "Sweet" and "Dang" to their vernacular? Well, the once cult-indie hit is about to become a FOX animated series, and the network is hoping fans will dust off their impressions once again. This time for a chance at cash and prizes! ... [MORE]

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Ryan Hansen heads to Happy Endings"

It's been a little while since we've gotten a chance to see Penny (Casey Wilson) on a date on Happy Endings, but some of her most memorable ones have been those in which she attempts to mold herself to be more like the guy she is seeing at the time. Remember her hipster adult bat mitzvah in season one? And in "Makin' Changes," she is on the verge of doing so again, but thankfully level-headed, even if a bit Type A, Jane (Eliza Coupe) steps in to make her rethink things... [MORE]

"Katie Leclerc breaks down the battle for Emmett’s heart on Switched at Birth"

After hearing her Switched at Birth co-star, Vanessa Marano, admit to being “Team Daphne” when it came to the quest for young Emmett (Sean Berdy)’s heart, we just couldn’t help but wonder if Katie Leclerc was going to be as diplomatic and say she actually was “Team Bay.” And you know what? She was! There is certainly an abundance of love and respect among these ingĂ©nues... [MORE]

"Q&A: Judge Lynn Toler on how the ever-evolving Divorce Court is giving back"

In the six years Judge Lynn Toler has been presiding over Divorce Court, she has seen quite a change with those who come through her courtroom—from what they fight over to how prepared they may be to tell their side of the story in front of her, her cameras, and the general viewing public. Though the series, in its current incarnation, has been on since 1999, has yet to change titles, Toler shared with LA TV Insider Examiner that it has adapted its format to allow for those couples who may not be bound by law or by paper but still have all of the same issues a married couple would while dissolving the relationship. Here Toler talks about what keeps Divorce Court fresh for her, even after all of these years... [MORE]

"In Plain Sight and Fairly Legal set to return...when?"

So...March is just around the corner, right? At least, that's what fans of In Plain Sight and Fairly Legal are telling themselves this morning. USA Network announced today that both shows will kick off their respective new seasons on March 16th 2012... [MORE]

"Mid-Season Preview: NBC’s Are You There, Chelsea?"

You want to know the perfect way to turn us off to your protagonist, especially in a comedy? Introduce us to her as she is getting a DUI and then proceeding to not feel even the slightest bit badly about it. We’re going to be completely honest with you: we know people who have gotten DUIs. Sadly, it is a more common occurrence than it should be, but it is not a rite of passage, and it is not a flippant action that will endear us to the player. Because the person who gets the DUI is not passive, and the titular character in Are You There, Chelsea?’s complacent crassness is really just the tip of the iceberg as to what’s wrong with this show... [MORE]

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