Thursday, January 5, 2012

From LA Examiner: Meghan Ory Guests on 'Supernatural (Photos); Seamus Dever Gets Married on 'Castle'; Advance Review of 'The Finder'; Grey Damon Talks

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Meghan Ory guest stars on Supernatural"

From Little Red Riding Hood (on ABC's Once Upon a Time) to a much more savage, vampirific creature on The CW's Supernatural, Meghan Ory is having a fanatastic upswing in her career! ... [MORE]

"Seamus Dever previews pre-wedding cleanses and ceremony jitters on Castle"

The last time we had the pleasure of chatting with Seamus Dever, his Detective Kevin Ryan was just proposing to long-time lady love Jenny (Juliana Dever) on Castle. He expressed interest in seeing the two get married on-screen, though he admitted he wasn’t sure if that would ever come to pass, seeing as how the show had already tackled a wedding episode before. And besides, it is a crime procedural, so even the happiest of occasions would have to have some sort of murder tie-in, right? As it turns out, absolutely, but thankfully the case at the top of “Till Death Do Us Part” does not completely derail Ryan’s matrimony plans... [MORE]

"Mid-Season Preview: FOX' The Finder"

Missing any exposition? The Finder has it! “[He] takes care of the money; I take care of the finding,” Geoff Stults tells a bearded man who is trying to find an important instrument in the series premiere of The Finder, thereby summing up, all within the first minute of the brand new procedural drama, exactly what’s wrong with it: too much “telling” and not enough “showing"... [MORE]

"Q&A: Grey Damon introduces his "shady" The Secret Circle character"

Last we saw Grey Damon, he was playing the nice, seemingly normal guy on a genre series, but now he is taking a darker turn as a "mysterious stranger" in The Secret Circle's Chance Harbor who holds the potential (or so he claims) to help Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) tap into her individual magic once again. But with a face like his, he really can't be a bad guy, even if he's a bit shady, right? We caught up with Damon earlier today to get the scoop! ... [MORE]

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