Thursday, January 26, 2012

From LA Examiner: Paley Center Honors 'Bones' & 'Cougar Town'; Mark Pellegrino On...Everything; Lucy Lawless Slips Back Into 'Xena' For Her Fans...

"The Paley Center for Media to honor Cougar Town & Bones this spring"

Earlier this month The Paley Center for Media announced their 2012 honorees for their annual PaleyFest celebration in Los Angeles, but this morning it appears that another show has been added, along with a very special public program... [MORE]

"Q&A: Mark Pellegrino’s returns to Supernatural, Being Human & what about Major Crimes?"

As if Mark Pellegrino doesn’t have enough on his plate working on the seventh season of Supernatural, the final season of The Closer, and reappearing in the second season of Being Human, he also appeared in the final episode of Chuck and will guest star on an upcoming episode of Castle (more on that soon). That’s more than enough to keep an artist creatively fulfilled, right? But Pellegrino doesn’t want to stop there. In order to work with his family and feed his ambitions even more, he is producing a series of short films that his wife will be directing. Where does he find the energy!? Pellegrino found some time to chat with us about all of his upcoming television gigs... [MORE]

"Lucy Lawless to headline Creation Entertainment's Xena fan convention in LA"

Xena: Warrior Princess may have gone off-air in 2001, but its fandom is still going strong! And wouldn't you know it? The talent from the show still shows up to support what, for many of them, made them a household name. This upcoming weekend in Los Angeles marks The Official Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Convention from Creation Entertainment, starring none other than Jennifer Sky, Renee O'Connor, Timothy Omundson, and Lucy Lawless (to name a few)! ... [MORE]

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