Monday, January 16, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'SMASH!'; Q&A with Sarah Jones; Jake Johnson Previews 'New Girl' Romance; School of 'Raising Hope'...

"Watch the Smash pilot now!"

As part of the "cable-like launch" NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt previewed during the peacock network's TCA presentation in Los Angeles earlier this month, the full pilot for their new musical drama Smash is now available for download online-- and completely free! ... [MORE]

"Q&A: Sarah Jones explores mystery, murder, & mayhem on Alcatraz"

Sarah Jones is in a unique position as the not-quite-lead-detective-but-still-lead-character on Alcatraz. She is playing a woman-- Detective Rebecca Madsen-- that we have seen half a dozen times before, and that’s just on current network crime procedurals. Rebecca is that hardened Detective who happens to get personally emotionally invested in her cases. But this time around, there is good reason for both: Rebecca has just lost her partner, when the pilot opens, an incident which turns out to be more connected to Alcatraz island than she could have ever imagined. Additionally, her grandfather was one who disappeared on the island in the 1960s, though of course a cover story for what really happened to him was passed on to the family. And in terms of Rebecca, a cover story for what he was even doing on the island was also created. She is a character who starts the series in the dark about the truth, and though Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill) brings her into the light, it is only shards of it, still keeping the deeper truth at bay. Until he can be sure he can trust her? Until he can be sure she is not as dangerous as her own family member? It may remain to be seen. But we caught up with Jones on the Vancouver set of Alcatraz to get her insight into the character and the new show... [MORE]

"Jake Johnson dishes on romancing Lizzy Caplan on New Girl"

Fans of New Girl must be rooting for Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) to get together by now, right? Hell, even some of the series stars are rooting for that. Max Greenfield told LA TV Insider Examiner that he is hoping for that, just not right away, and similarly, Johnson shared anything that occurs between Nick and Jess romantically can’t be for a while because they’re just not ready yet... [MORE]

"Lucas Neff & Garret Dillahunt get schooled by Fred Willard on Raising Hope"

Two things that Raising Hope has always done really well has been to incorporate great guest stars without having the big names steal focus simply for being big names, as well as showcasing the family’s loving but competitive nature. Come on, a father who worries his son is outshining his own musical talents who ends up stripping him of his talents by literally (though accidentally) striking him with a putter! And the next new episode, “Mrs. Smartypants,” will feature both of those strong suits... [MORE]

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