Monday, January 23, 2012

Josh Hopkins Might Benefit From Reading My Book...

It may have just because I was so greatly reared on Friends that I managed to see comparisons to the Chandler/Monica proposal in Courteney Cox' most recent TV proposal (with Grayson when Cougar Town returns to ABC on Valentine's Day 2012). Still, I saw the comparisons nonetheless. I know with so much time (and so many projects) past Friends for Cox, it's not really cool to harp on it now, especially when sitting down with the star to talk about her current project. But when the star brings the comparisons up herself? That, my friends, is what we call interview gold. So please enjoy this brief clip of Cox and Josh Hopkins having a bit of fun at her "other sitcom"'s expense today on the set of Cougar Town.

And if you liked that tidbit and want more, stay tuned right here for my official, in-depth cast interviews from the set of Cougar Town.

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