Monday, January 30, 2012

Riding The "Shit People Say" Wave...

Occasionally I get a good idea. More often than not, though, my ideas are inspired by someone else's. I have no shame in jumping on a bandwagon and putting my own spin on things. I'm always looking for something new to write, produce, and direct, but I find that most of my stories are too "big" for my means. They would take longer planning, much higher budgets, and more equipment/crew than just grabbing a camera and goofing off around the city with a friend or two, ala film school. I like immediate gratification, and honestly, in today's YouTube age, you need that, lest someone else do it first. Quality is important, but timing is absolutely crucial. So though I first rolled my eyes at the "too easy" trendy nature to the "Shit People Say" viral videos, I found a script pouring out of me nonetheless.

Sitting down with my writing partner, we spun my idea into two separate (but when held up side-by-side, ones that play off each other as responses) short videos that I jumped on the chance to actually produce, as a quick and easy (and let's face it, cheap) toe back into production. We need some more recent samples of what we can do for when we pitch our pilot(s), after all!

Today I present to you our contributions to the trend. Won't you help these go viral, too??

"Shit New Yorkers Say in L.A."

"Shit the Hollywood-Adjacent Say"

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