Thursday, January 12, 2012

SHO TCA Talk: 'Shameless' & 'House of Lies' + Return Dates for 'Nurse Jackie', 'The Big C', and 'The Borgias'...

"SHO TCA Talk: Shameless spoilers from John Wells & Emmy Rossum"

Shameless has returned to Showtime for their second season, and things are
looking a little different for a number of the Gallagher kids these days. While season one was so much about setting the kids apart from their patriarch Frank (William H. Macy)-- to show how they band together when his instinct is to split-- these days, many of them are tapping into their "inner Franks" in a number of ways-- showing that perhaps behavior really is hereditary... [MORE]

"Showtime sets return dates for Nurse Jackie, The Big C, & The Borgias"

Set your DVRs now because Nurse Jackie, The Big C, and The Borgias finally have return dates! ... [MORE]

"SHO TCA Talk: Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell, & Martin Kihn talk House of Lies"

Showtime Entertainment President David
Nevins had a lot to say about freshman comedy House of Lies, which just premiered on his network last week, when he addressed critics during TCA press tour today. For one thing, he broke the flashy show down as being "a comedy about everything that's wrong with America...It's all about excess and confronting the contradictions of it." For another, he believes it showcases the "evolution" of the tone of programming for the network. Though Showtime has made such a name for themselves with anti-hero protagonists, the tide may be turning now, and Nevins is confident that viewers will actually fall in love with, and therefore root for, Don Cheadle's Marty Kaan... [MORE]

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