Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cutting Room Floor Commentary: Kris Polaha on 'Ringer' and Social Media...

Kristoffer Polaha is always one of my favorite people to interview. Or not even to interview but with whom to sit down and have a conversation. I know, I know; I'm supposed to be "objective" and whatever, but honestly, after blogging professionally for a little while, it's easy to pick the bad ones from the good. The good are not only the ones who give you great sound-bytes or know how to tease and intrigue instead of ignore when they can't directly answer a question because of spoilers. But perhaps most importantly to me, the good are the ones who don't make you feel like you're pulling teeth to get answers or like they don't want to be there at all. I guess what I'm saying is I consider the best interviews the ones who make my job both fun and easy. And I think those translate better on paper (or online) anyway because they're natural.

Polaha is one of those people who not only can talk about anything and everything (love smart actors, too, by the way!), but he's also totally game for it. For example, literally every time we catch up I ask him if and when he will finally join Twitter (at this point it's now to annoy him into signing up), and literally every time he somehow resists the urge to roll his eyes at me. He's a pro, that Polaha. And he's charming, too!

In this first "Cutting Room Floor Commentary" video interview, I stump Polaha with Ringer questions, where we talk red herrings and how Siobhan ruins everything, and then we go off on a tangent about social media, including his Cwingo commercials. Check it out below!

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