Monday, February 13, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Castle' Co-Stars Introduce Jennifer Beals; 'Paul The Male Matchmaker' Hits Hulu; Megan Hilty Embodies Marilyn In 'Smash'...

"PHOTO PREVIEW: Nick Jonas sexes up Smash"

Nick Jonas' usual demographic may be much more glee, but in two weeks he will be appearing on TV's other musical, Smash... [MORE]

"Jennifer Beals “takes total control” over

When Jennifer Beals pops over to Castle for a two-part mini-event, she stirs things up in a number of ways for Beckett (Stana Katic), Castle himself (Nathan Fillion), and the whole team. It isn’t enough that she has a complicated personal history with the author and civilian crime solver, but she is also stepping into the NYPD’s territory as a CIA operative-- a woman who is smart, stealthy, and ranks above everyone else. As series co-star Tamala Jones put it, “she shakes them up pretty good!” ... [MORE]

"Paul The Male Matchmaker hits Hulu, hooks up Lisa Edelstein"

If you are an insomniac, you may have already taken note of the newest original series to debut exclusively on Hulu early early, this morning, Paul The Male Matchmaker. From the creative minds of Paul Bartholomew and Liz Tuccillo, Paul The Male Matchmaker follows Bartholomew in the titular role as a man who really has no affection for women but who is thrust into working intimately with them every day when he inherits his aunt’s matchmaking business. On paper the guy may be a bit misogynistic, but on-screen, you can’t help but laugh at his (as Tuccillo put it) “buffoonery"... [MORE]

"Meet Smash’s Marilyn: The Megan Hilty Edition"

Smash’s marketing team took to advertising “introducing” its two female leads, Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty, but in a way that just seems unfair to the talented duo who have been in their respective positions for years. Hilty, especially, comes to Smash with a list of television guest spots from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody to Bones, CSI, and a particularly memorable recent turn as a heckler on Louie, not to mention her actual work on Broadway in both Wicked and 9 to 5. She is every bit the industry veteran that her own Smash role of Ivy Lynn resembles herself. In fact, that, in large part, is what made Theresa Rebeck and NBC sit up and take notice of Hilty for their new musical drama... [MORE]

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