Friday, February 24, 2012

From LA Examiner: 'Fringe' and 'GCB' Previews; WB WonderCon Panels Announced...

"Danielle Dishes (with a little help from Fringe EPs): "The End of All Things"

Last week's Fringe introduced a mega plot twist when it revealed Olivia (Anna Torv) to suddenly have all of the memories of Peter (Joshua Jackson)'s Olivia. They started out somewhat gradual, coming back in a dose of a case that the Walter (John Noble) and Astrid (Jasika Nicole) around her had not actually worked, but it culminated in actually feeling the emotions of the relationship with Peter. Before things could go too far, though, she disappeared, and "The End of All Things" picks up with Peter searching to bring her home-- to this home, as well as the reveal of who took her without getting the full scope of the why... [MORE]

"Mid-Season Preview: ABC's GCB"

This may be the only time we ever advise you in such a way, but if you’re interested in the high-society story told in GCB, skip the novel and dive straight into ABC’s delicious new drama. Though the opening moments of the pilot episode provide salaciousness through a philandering, thieving husband (the blink-and-you-sadly-miss-him Greg Vaughan), what unfolds after is actually a tale of one woman’s attempt at redemption-- with its roots deep in Southern hospitality, as well as religion-- and surrounded by a group of women who never quite moved on from those sophomoric days. Yes, GCB is campy at times, and no, it is not revolutionary in premise nor big, bold statement, but it is devilishly fun nonetheless... [MORE]

"WonderCon comes to Anaheim with WB's Alcatraz, Fringe, etc"

WonderCon has been moved to Anaheim CA this year, and though the event isn't until March 2012, the line-up is being slowly unveiled. Today we have confirmation on which Warner Brothers television properties will be screening and providing panels for fans who come out to the three-day long event: Alcatraz, Fringe, DC Nation, The Secret Circle, and Person of Interest! ... [MORE]

"Fringe's Blair Brown Q&A: Introducing "Meana" & more, post "End of All Things"

The February 24th episode of Fringe was its last for a few weeks, but with its in-depth introduction of a new Nina (Blair Brown) and reveal that Robert David Jones (Jared Harris) can move between worlds freely, and without being taken down by mere bullets, "The End of All Things" ended with a big question mark hanging over it. And without a new episode until late March, that kind of intrigue and mystery can be torturous. Thankfully, though, we had a chance to catch Brown over the phone to get her take on what we saw, and what we will (eventually) see... [MORE]

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